– What makes this website SEO Friendly

We are knee deep in 2011 football season with about 6 games left of the regular season. is consistently getting thousands of visitors a day. Their website is so “SEO Friendly” that they don’t even need to be listed on Google, Yahoo or Bing to get traffic. The majority of website owners seek to be on the first page of the major search engines due to the fact that it brings a substantial amount of traffic to their website … [ Read More ]

NO More Adobe Flash… Straight from the Horses Mouth

No more Flash…say it isn’t so! Actually, ladies and gentlemen, we are sad to say this is true, well, maybe not that sad. Adobe has decided to part ways with their Flash software for mobile devices. After years of fancy graphics flying across our mobile screen, soon there will be no more. Some believed that the late Steve Jobs prediction of the end of Flash is the cause of Adobe’s headquarters major … [ Read More ]

7 Ways to Avoid Being Banned from Search Engines

The average Joe & Mary won’t have a clue what “Search Engine Spamming” is, but we are going to change that right now. How can someone spam the search engines (S.E.)? Easy! One way is to create pages specifically to trick the search engines into offering inaccurate, redundant and poor-quality search rankings. The S.E.’s will penalize your site by blacklisting it or drastically decreasing your placement. Both of these punishments should be avoided by any means necessary. How do you … [ Read More ]

Will Social Media determine our next President? Part 2

As predicted, the social media is being utilized by the Social Network – Presidential Campaign Style. Republican Tim Pawlenty “T-Paw” started his campaign on Facebook letting all his “friends” know of his presidential dreams and goals. Pawlenty has even created a mobile website, live streaming videos to Facebook and awarding badges to his supporters.
The candidates plan to use the Internet for a much greater White House campaign than we’ve ever seen, communicating directly with voters and supporters connected to their … [ Read More ]

The Importance of Tagging Your Website

When it comes to Internet Marketing, there are three types of tags that are extremely important to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website: Title, Keyword, and Description Tags. Website owners often ask, “What’s so important about tagging my website?” there’s only one good answer: Everything. Your ranking will depend in large part on the tagging that controls your web site behind the scenes.

Technically speaking, meta tags are HTML tags, they appear in specific places located within the header … [ Read More ]