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Optimal Timing for Social Media Posts Infographic

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, having high quality, relevant content and images will attract and engage your social audience throughout the various social media outlets, however, being sure to post during optimal times of the day is critical for getting the most exposure and interaction. The infographic below illustrates the best (and worst) times to make posts in order to gain OPTIMAL results for your creative marketing efforts.

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How to Become a Professional Googler

Follow this guide and become a professional Googler!

For the most part, we all know how to “Google”, but not everyone knows how to be a true pro of it.
Here are a few simple, yet beneficial ways to maximize your Google search like a Google PRO!

1) QUOTATION MARKS: Use quotation marks (“word”) around your search query to find an exact word or phrase. This is useful for searching quotes, song lyrics, etc.

2) DASHES: Put a dash (-word) before a word that … [ Read More ]

Max’s Impact On Google+

Our Seo Specialist, Donnie Strompf is known in the office as a very loquacious and rambunctious character. However, we noticed that a strange phenomena occurs every Thursday from 1 PM PST that keeps him silently glued to his yoga ball. This brought concern and got us wondering. What is so intriguing that posses him to quietly look at the screen with his headphones? After investigating, we discovered he was “Hanging” out on Google+ with Max Minzer.
Who is Max?
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How to Interact On Twitter & Grow

Twitter Blue Birds Followers Grapics
Hands down, Twitter is the best place to network and to learn about your favorite celebrities lifestyle, products and events! How are people having so much fun on Twitter? (You’re about to learn in a second.) Get ready for your Twitter Crash Course.
Achieving traction on Twitter may take a while, if you misunderstand the basics. For many social media gurus, Twitter is a breeze, and … [ Read More ]

Miami Companies Gaining Exposure With SEO

In a competitive market, a company fighting for their market share needs a competitive Internet marketing plan. Having a quality SEO consultant firm will give your website an advantage over your Miami competitors, which is one of the largest markets in Florida and the United States. Every business owner knows the importance of a business plan, having an SEO company, as part of your plan is a wise business decision.

An SEO Miami … [ Read More ]

A Special Event for Children Battling Cancer – ‘A Prom to Remember’

Quote startThe prom was amazing. I was able to forget for one night everything I have been through. I felt so happy and normal surrounded by so many survivors, warriors, and just people who care so much. It was an experience I will never forget. – V. LondonoQuote end

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) May 31, 2012
On Friday May 11th, 2012, A Prom to … [ Read More ]

How A Title Tag Can Bring A Tidal Wave Of Traffic

The title tag can give you a heavy weight built into your industry or you can get knocked out of the competition.  Whenever you are creating a title tag for your website you want to keep a few things in mind.

 Title Tag Quick Tips

Top keyword phrases
60-65 characters

 Before you move an inch use the Google Keyword Tool to find the best keywords for your website.  It only helps you to improve the chances of increasing web traffic.  Having the right keywords … [ Read More ]

Small Businesses Are Effected The Most By The Penguin Update

Small Businesses with websites are getting close lined by the Google Penguin updates.  While mid-size to large companies have the budget to spend on keeping the website up to date.  The smaller ones feel the effect.
 One advantage small businesses have is that they know their business very well.  You would hope that this is the case if you’re the owner of a business/website or both. With that information a blog can easily be created, maintained, and most importantly shared through … [ Read More ]

Lights. Camera. Increased Web Traffic.

As you have probably already noticed, videos and pictures has taking over social media. Pintererst, Vimeo, and Instagram have been kicking butt recently.  Small businesses and Internet Marketing firms are smiling from ear to ear because they love every bit of increased web traffic!

 We mentioned a few weeks back, “Introduction To Pinterest ” how Pinterest’s popularity skyrocketed and has become the second most popular social media site.   Out of nowhere, Pinterest’s beat Myspace and … [ Read More ]

How To Find Your Websites Top Keywords

Take a hard look at your website with a pair of SEO glasses.  Start by looking at the very top of your website where the tab is located.  Does it state “Welcome,” “Your Company Name” or is it blank.  Can you copy and paste the content or page titles?  You should be able to because it always the search engine spiders to read your content as well.
Examples of Meta tags:  ,
In order to see what the search engine … [ Read More ]