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SEO Specialist, Born in Amsterdam and lives in the USA.

7 Simple Tips to Get Natural Links to Your Website

Do you know what will make your website sticky in the search engine result? It is natural links. Natural links will make your website sticky in the search engine result because they represent valid links according to the search engine. In fact, search engine encourages you to attract natural links instead of building links manually. Those links come naturally to your website and strengthen your place in the search engine position. They have much more weight if compared with regular … [ Read More ]

What Makes Content Go Viral?

social media
Great content is KING! So many people are focused on the Return on their social media campaign, that they often forget what social media is really about. Relationships and True Connections. Relationships through social media sites are often built through the types of content that is posted.
Companies love to talk about themselves, what the company is doing, what new sale they have going on, who they’ve hired, blah, blah, blah. But therein lies no power. … [ Read More ]

The Truth About How Web Graphics Effect Conversions

Does this situation feel familiar? —
Your web designer reckons your site is outdated. It makes you look amateurish. If we’re being honest, we might even say it’s downright ugly and you should be ashamed of attaching it to your brand.
The solution?
A redesign, of course. Not just a few tweaks, mind you, but a reinvention, taking your tired old website and bringing it into the modern day.
It’ll have snazzy vector paths, cute cartoon scenes, jQuery carousels, full-page high-resolution background photos, the … [ Read More ]

Trash-Talking Someone To Gain Traffic On Your Website

Creating A Buzz…
Our job as marketers is to gain traffic, whether it is via radio, magazine, newspaper, search engine, or a television. Our clients need business, and they rely on us to get it. There are many ways for marketers to earn business and there are many strategies online that we can learn from. Recent discoveries have proven that finding an industry leader/celebrity in a market and mentioning them can help a company gain traffic. The goal is to create … [ Read More ]