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SEO Specialist, Born in Amsterdam and lives in the USA.

What is SEO?

The success of a page should be measured by one criterion: Does the visitor do what you want him to do?
-Aaron Wall, SEObook.com

A proper implementation of Search Engine Optimization can only do a world of good—that is, if you consider good to be about increasing leads, saving time and money, gaining more publicity and clients, and sending your business skyrocketing (we certainly do!).
What’s more effect than being right there on the first page of the search engine results?
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Macbook Decals Giveaway Contest – Choose Your Favorite

A creative company with a refreshing outlook, Mac Decals offers dimension and vibrancy to the flat face of technology. The company regularly features promotions, special offers, and contests in order to thank its customers and promote popularity. This June, the company is launching a simple question to see what its audience likes the most. They’ve selected three macbook pro decals to choose from, as featured on their webpage. The decal that obtains the most votes will have all of its … [ Read More ]

Links don’t Rank Websites, Reputation Does.

First off, what gives a site value?
Every site has its own history. (I like comparing the web to nature because it just makes better sense to me.) Just like you and I, we have “reputation” in our natural environments, what we do reflects others opinions about who we are. When one person is consistently achieving results for something, they become trusted for their talents. In a pack of wolves, there is always a dominant wolf, AKA the wolf pack leader. … [ Read More ]