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SEO Specialist, Born in Amsterdam and lives in the USA.

Where can I find an SEO Quote?

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SEO One Size Fits All
When a small business looks into SEO, the top competitors for their main keywords usually frighten them. It usually sounds like this “How am I going to compete with these guys? They … [ Read More ]

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords in SEO refer to targeting keywords that have at least three or more words in each phrase. For Example… Instead of targeting “cat food” which gets the most searches, 30% of the traffic for that business, you can target “best cat food”, ”healthy cat food”, “what is the best food for my cat?” What about the 70% of traffic that’s left? Fortunately long tail keywords drive traffic to a site by targeting what people type on a … [ Read More ]

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SEO Print Design

Boasting BiZ is an SEO Fort Lauderdale-based company that offers a broad spectrum of marketing services—including Logo Design and Branding, Web Development, Online Market Research, Print and Apparel—with a focus on SEO services. Its expertise and professionalism has aided countless clients in achieving higher placement than their competitors in a multitude of search engines. Online services deliver local traffic directly to clients’ websites from targeted areas … [ Read More ]

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Google Baby

Although Boasting BiZ offers a wide range of world-class marketing services—such as Branding, Web Development, Market Research, Print and Apparel—one of its key areas of focus is in serving industry-leading SEO Services. Boasting BiZ offers affordable search engine optimization services that drive results, aiming to project businesses to the forefront of major search engines such … [ Read More ]

Adsense Optimized Templates

Website designers often run in to websites with poor layout and bad design. There’s a big possibility that the layout has a lot of Adsense ads on it. Fancy and good looking layouts created for Adsense are two completely different things.  There are few important rules for Adsense website layouts, the ultimate goal is to get the highest CTR – click through rate possible, fancy layouts usually spoil maximum earning potential.
Micro niche websites are the best example. Low content and … [ Read More ]