EXCITING UPDATE…We’ve just released our new website design!

Launching a website is never a quick process.  Although we wish it only took a day or two, it takes time, planning, patience and experience to complete.

How will your visitor’s react to the new look?

Will the new concept provide them with a better user experience?

These are the inevitable questions that you will NOT be able to answer, so don’t get hung up wasting time on them!  You will need to go with your gut instincts and make any necessary changes after launching and testing has been performed.  You also need to be sure that your new site conforms to the search engine guidelines.  The search engines will index the pages of your site looking for a reason to either praise or penalize them within the search engine results.  You can visit Google’s guidelines by visiting: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=35769

Ok great, now that you’ve launched your new site and everything seems to be in order, what is next on the list?  Well, now you need traffic!  This is where you will need to apply an quality SEO strategy throughout the website and begin or continue with your link building.  You will also need to promote your masterpiece by notifying your social network and asking them to help spread the word with you.

Launching and optimizing a website is an ongoing process that will always be a part of your operating procedures.  Look at it this way, if you’re still paying for your businesses electricity bill, you should continue to manage, maintain and tweak your website and its optimization.  This will ensure that you stay ahead of your competition and allow your audience to find you! Best of luck from Boasting Biz and thank you for checking out our new site! https://www.boastingbiz.com 

Written By: Bryan Loconto, SEO Fort Lauderdale