Googlebot Mobile is Changing the Mobile World of Web Design

The proof is in the pudding, ninety percent of society in 2012 has a smart phone.  It has been predicted that by 2013, more people will use their mobile phones than PCs.  Every company that has Internet presence noticed the huge hike of mobile searches since the smart phone explosion in 2011.  iPhones and Androids are racing neck to neck in the retail stores.  The leader in this new age Mobile Boom of course, Google.  The Google enterprise has evolved, it has created Googlebot Mobile which is a web crawler specifically designed for mobile devices. This is awesome news for website owners who have taken advantage of the mobile market and created a mobile version of their website.


The Numbers On the Wall

Ninety-five percent of smart phone users search for local information sixty-one percent of users call a business after searching, and fifty-nine visits the location, and ninety percent of these people acted within 24 hours, according to Google.  These numbers are staggering and make cents (sense, lol.) to invest in a mobile site.

The Best Practices For A Mobile Website:

  1. Keep it Quick
  2. Simplify Navigation
  3. Be Thumb Friendly
  4. Design for Visibility
  5. Make it Accessible
  6. Make it Local
  7. Click-To-Call Feature
  8. Seamless
  9. Use Mobile Site Redirects
  10. Learn, Listen & Iterate

Many web owners believe that there is not a need for a mobile version of their website if their website can be seen on a cell phone.  Don’t get it twisted ladies and gentlemen there is a difference between a website on a mobile device verses a mobile website.  When you trim down on trying to impress your mobile visitors, your mobile website downloads quicker.  Mobile users expect a mobile site to load in three seconds or less, if not, they will go to a competitor’s site, ouch!

How do you make your site load faster?  Cut down on the unnecessary images and lengthy content.  Now, that you were successful in getting them to your site, now it’s time for you to intrigue them enough to get them to click on your number, which should have the “Click-To-Call” feature (#7 above).  Speed & clarity are what mobile visitors are seeking- remember they are mobile, on the go and ready to do business!

Googlebot mobile searches for smart phone specific content.  Cater your mobile site content towards what Googlebot is crawling for and you’ll get top search engine results geared towards smart phone users.  Having problems getting on the first page of Google on a desktop? A good strategy is to customize your mobile site SEO to the Googlebot specifications and you’ll be on the first page of Google’s mobile search engine.  Also remember that location is key when optimizing your mobile site.

Googlebot is smart enough to even have a feature called “skip redirect” for mobile users.  Many websites have a redirect link to their mobile site when people find their site on a Google search.  This causes a long delay and a frustrated mobile user.  (Google treasures their users experience.)  To tackle this issue you can now use “skip redirect”  feature and be taken directly to the mobile site eliminating the delay problem.  Giving the user a smoother experience!

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Written By: Bryan Loconto, SEO Fort Lauderdale