NO More Adobe Flash… Straight from the Horses Mouth

No more Flash…say it isn’t so! Actually, ladies and gentlemen, we are sad to say this is true, well, maybe not that sad. Adobe has decided to part ways with their Flash software for mobile devices. After years of fancy graphics flying across our mobile screen, soon there will be no more. Some believed that the late Steve Jobs prediction of the end of Flash is the cause of Adobe’s headquarters major decision; even though many website designers have complained for a long about the software through blogs and forums.

The problem is the inconsistency of the graphics on mobile devices. Androids, Blackberry’s and iPhones, just to name a few, all had highly unstable performances. Apple stated that their mobile devices performances were horribly inconsistent with Flash and the drawbacks outweighed the benefits, therefore why even bother with it. Even on the desktops, developers have turned away from using Flash by using JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 to create similar graphics.

Once upon a time Flash was a major tool for developers to create interactive games, animated advertisements and delivering eye-catching videos. We all may enjoy the wonderful graphic designs and the “Wow” feeling when we visit a website containing the controversial software, but some people like Steve Jobs was adamant against the use of Flash; obviously, it was and still is a memory hog on computers slowing the download time it takes to load up a page. He even wrote a 1,500 word paper against the problem riddled Flash calling it, “Software from the Stone Age.”

Being a SEO Services Company ourselves we know that Flash isn’t beneficial when it comes to getting your website optimized. The Search Engine spiders cant read the graphics to know what the content of a website is about, so it serves no purpose other than a brief entertainment for website visitors. Abobe has lost so much credibility that they began to lose a massive amount of business, which recently lead to the release of 750 employees earlier this week. (November 8, 2011). They called the employee reduction, “corporate restructuring.” Adobe Flash will be missed.

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Written By: Bryan Loconto, SEO Fort Lauderdale