Adsense Optimized Templates

Website designers often run in to websites with poor layout and bad design. There’s a big possibility that the layout has a lot of Adsense ads on it. Fancy and good looking layouts created for Adsense are two completely different things.  There are few important rules for Adsense website layouts, the ultimate goal is to get the highest CTR – click through rate possible, fancy layouts usually spoil maximum earning potential.

Micro niche websites are the best example. Low content and up to 6 Adsense units per page.  For reaching maximum Adsense CTR possible, there are few important rules:

1. Placing Adsense ads near the top of page.  Place on the left side not on right.

It’s a simple psychological tip. People start reading website’s content on the top of page and on the left side first. If that website is not what they were looking for, they will close the window before they reach any ads placed on footer of a website.

2. Blending Adsense ads with content

There is a lot of spam all over the Internet, people focus on content, and they automatically want to skip all the ads because most of them on the Internet are spammy ones. Blending ads with content will get the maximum CTR because people will read ads as a content.

3. Choose the right Adsense unit size

It’s well known that 3 Adsense units make the best CTR. Wide skyscraper, Leaderboard and Large Rectangle. Wide Skyscraper is perfect for sidebars, Leaderboard is perfect for top of the page and Rectangles are perfect for blending them with content. Horizontal link units are perfect for the top of the page and right below the header. It will look like a menu bar and it will reach very high click through rate.

4. Choosing the right colors for Adsense units

Beginners usually believe Adsense ads should pop out in fancy colors. But that’s not the case. They should be blended as the content. If your content is all black, so should the Adsense units. Background should always be the same as your page’s background because last thing you want is a user to know they are ads instantly.

5. Text or Image ads?

That depends on your niche. Micro niche sites don’t offer much relevant ads; it’s a high possibility image ads aren’t provided, so those ads will be irrelevant to your niche. If your site is about general big niche, try to use one image ad. Example: “PC games” niche provides a lot of attractive image ads.

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