How A Title Tag Can Bring A Tidal Wave Of Traffic

The title tag can give you a heavy weight built into your industry or you can get knocked out of the competition.  Whenever you are creating a title tag for your website you want to keep a few things in mind.

 Title Tag Quick Tips

Top keyword phrases
60-65 characters

 Before you move an inch use the Google Keyword Tool to find the best keywords for your website.  It only helps you to improve the chances of increasing web traffic.  Having the right keywords … [ Read More ]

Macbook Decals Giveaway Contest – Choose Your Favorite

A creative company with a refreshing outlook, Mac Decals offers dimension and vibrancy to the flat face of technology. The company regularly features promotions, special offers, and contests in order to thank its customers and promote popularity. This June, the company is launching a simple question to see what its audience likes the most. They’ve selected three macbook pro decals to choose from, as featured on their webpage. The decal that obtains the most votes will have all of its … [ Read More ]

Small Businesses Are Effected The Most By The Penguin Update

Small Businesses with websites are getting close lined by the Google Penguin updates.  While mid-size to large companies have the budget to spend on keeping the website up to date.  The smaller ones feel the effect.
 One advantage small businesses have is that they know their business very well.  You would hope that this is the case if you’re the owner of a business/website or both. With that information a blog can easily be created, maintained, and most importantly shared through … [ Read More ]

Links don’t Rank Websites, Reputation Does.

First off, what gives a site value?
Every site has its own history. (I like comparing the web to nature because it just makes better sense to me.) Just like you and I, we have “reputation” in our natural environments, what we do reflects others opinions about who we are. When one person is consistently achieving results for something, they become trusted for their talents. In a pack of wolves, there is always a dominant wolf, AKA the wolf pack leader. … [ Read More ]

Lights. Camera. Increased Web Traffic.

As you have probably already noticed, videos and pictures has taking over social media. Pintererst, Vimeo, and Instagram have been kicking butt recently.  Small businesses and Internet Marketing firms are smiling from ear to ear because they love every bit of increased web traffic!

 We mentioned a few weeks back, “Introduction To Pinterest ” how Pinterest’s popularity skyrocketed and has become the second most popular social media site.   Out of nowhere, Pinterest’s beat Myspace and … [ Read More ]

How To Find Your Websites Top Keywords

Take a hard look at your website with a pair of SEO glasses.  Start by looking at the very top of your website where the tab is located.  Does it state “Welcome,” “Your Company Name” or is it blank.  Can you copy and paste the content or page titles?  You should be able to because it always the search engine spiders to read your content as well.
Examples of Meta tags:  ,
In order to see what the search engine … [ Read More ]

Natural Link Building: The Future of SEO

Link building in the past could be easily done by amassing links from low-quality sources. SEO companies could simply seek out a link network and purchase as many links as necessary for a very low cost. However, Google seeks out and devalues these low quality link networks now more than ever. With Google’s new updates, Panda and Penguin, the days of lazy link building are over.
It is time for companies to stick to white hat SEO practices and build original, … [ Read More ]

5 Common SEO Problems and Solutions

Multiple Home page URL’s. One of the most common issues that websites have is the duplicate content.  Sometimes the issue is much larger than just the homepage.  To no fault of your own, the whole website could have duplicate content due to the fact that they are sharing the same URL.  The solution to this problem is easy; simply create a 301 redirect from different URLs of your home page.

Examples of … [ Read More ]