Negative SEO

Since Google’s latest Penguin Update on April 24th, there has been a great amount of controversy. One of the updates involved preventing link schemes, a link scheme is an external factor:

Links intended to manipulate PageRank
Links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web
Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (“Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)
Buying or selling links that pass PageRank

Negative SEO Google Penguin Update.

All this … [ Read More ]

Look Out For These “RED FLAGS” In Your SEO Quote

Every small business owner on the Internet is searching for a company that can get them extra website traffic.  At the same time, every SEO firm is looking for extra clients.  There is a demand and only a few companies in every city can really supply the demand for SEO services that website owners are desperately searching for.  Evaluating a SEO Quote can get confusing with all the technical terms, such as back linking, search engine results, Google Indexing, etc. … [ Read More ]

Boasting BiZ Launches Free SEO Quote Contest with Grand Prizes

SEO Quote Contest

Boasting BiZ is an SEO Fort Lauderdale based company that offers a wide range of online and print services—including logos and graphics, web development, SEO services, online marketing research, and print and apparel—with a focus on SEO, building a reputation as a white hat SEO company: SEO Fort Lauderdale. In celebration of its upcoming three-year anniversary—and to thank every user for following and interacting—the company … [ Read More ]

An Army of Content Protects Your Google Rankings

This means war! Everyone on page one of Google understands how difficult it can be to get there.  There are thousands of webmasters looking at your rankings and are envious of your success.  They are imagining all of the web traffic, the extra business, and picturing your phone line ringing off the hook, while their office is listening to crickets.   Some of your competitors are probably plotting and planning on how they will take your website down.  Many want nothing … [ Read More ]

Great Forum Posting Tactics For Search Engine Optimization Results

Many SEO’s use forums to gain “link’s” in their signatures, unfortunately the majority of threads are full of fat (useless or invaluable content) because of this. SEO users on threads are simply flooding forums with fat, in fact they usually don’t even read threads, they copy what the last user wrote and they rewrite the answer so its not 100% identical. This practice of forum writing may help some achieve results in SERP’s, however they are missing out on a … [ Read More ]

Google+ Just Created A New Interface. Watch Out Facebook!

Google has revolutionized their home page. This new layout makes sharing even easier. Google + has really been working on getting the ball rolling. I believe this new comfortable layout is going to give the Facebook Timeline a new challenge. Many people have been underestimating Google+. Pretty soon those people are going to be found using Google+.
Google + New Layout
Here it is very easy to navigate and share … [ Read More ]

Keyword Research For SEO Beginners

Get your goggles and gloves. Keyword research is the first step to take in SEO when starting your online campaign or working a website. Keyword research is similar to many other forms of research, in SEO, the research never ends.
Keyword Research
Recently, we had client that wanted to get ranked on page one of Google for Macbook Decals. We immediately logged into our Google Keyword Tool to locate the amount of … [ Read More ]