3 Tips To Keep WordPress Hackers Out Of Your Website

WordPress is the best thing to happen to bloggers around the world.  It’s easy to create a beautiful blog or even an eye-catching website and it’s free.  Unfortunately there is a but…Wordpress’ simple layout comes with a price.  Depending on how significant your website is to your business it could be a huge price.  Hackers have made many blog sites a living nightmare!

3 Hacker Proof Tips

  1. Update Frequently
  2. Scan Your Website
  3. Pay Attention To Odd Changes

According to WordPress, the best way to protect your website from hackers is to keep your themes and plugins up to date.  Updating your version of WordPress can also cause some headaches because some of your plugins won’t work.  It’s also common that many plugins will not be compatible with the upgrade.  Even though this may be true it is still the safest way to protect your site.   The good news is the by consistently upgrading your WordPress site you’re remaining one step ahead of the hackers. Another great tip, scan the files on your website (http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/scanner/); this will allow you to make sure that your site is strong.  Scanning your site will let you know if your website has been blacklisted, if there is any malware present or malicious javascript, malicious iFrames, drive-by downloads, anomaly detection, IE-only attacks, suspicious re-directions and spam.

There’s an awesome plugin called, WordPress Firewall Plugin.  This tool identifies and stops most obvious attacks.  It doesn’t replace prompt and responsible upgrading, but it does allow website owners to relax better at night knowing that there’s a plugin working to block hackers.

There is no simple answer to the problems that hackers create.  However, it is your responsibility to maintain your website’s functionality, check for broken links and to sweep out hackers.  Hope this article was of some help.

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