5 Common SEO Problems and Solutions

  1. Multiple Home page URL’s. One of the most common issues that websites have is the duplicate content.  Sometimes the issue is much larger than just the homepage.  To no fault of your own, the whole website could have duplicate content due to the fact that they are sharing the same URL.  The solution to this problem is easy; simply create a 301 redirect from different URLs of your home page.

Examples of Multiple Home Page URL’s:

  1. www.boastingbiz.com
  2. www.boastingbiz.com/index.html
  3. www.boastingbiz.com/index.php
  4. boastingbiz.com/index.php
  5. boastingbiz.com
  6. boastingbiz.com/index.html

 2.  Duplicate Meta Tag Titles.  This issue can be solved fairly easily.  You can either manually look through your website’s meta-tags (View Source) or you can use Google Webmaster Tools.  (Every website owner should have one of these accounts.)  Log in your account.  Go to Diagnostics > HTML Suggestions > Click on: Duplicate Title.  A list of your duplicate titles should be listed.  Take this information and make the necessary changes.  You may have to consult with your website designer or SEO specialist.

 3.  Duplicate Descriptions Tags.  This issue can be solved just as easily as the duplicate Tag Titles.  The exact same steps will be taken.  You don’t want to have duplicate anything on your website or anywhere on the Internet.

4.  Redirects. You should have all your 302 redirects into permanently 301 redirects.  It eliminates any chance of your website having duplicate content due to duplicate pages.

5.  Search Engine Crawl.  This is an Old School SEO Trick.  In the Google search, type in:  cache:www.yourwebsite.com.  This will give you a clear idea how Google and other major search engines see your website.  Your website may look a little plain without the colors or images, however, the goal is to make sure that your keywords is at the top of the page.

There are many other common SEO problems and we will be more than happy to answer any of them.  Give us a call or ask through this blog article/email us.  Follow us on Twitter/@BoastingBiZ.

Article Written By: Bryan Loconto