An Army of Content Protects Your Google Rankings

This means war! Everyone on page one of Google understands how difficult it can be to get there.  There are thousands of webmasters looking at your rankings and are envious of your success.  They are imagining all of the web traffic, the extra business, and picturing your phone line ringing off the hook, while their office is listening to crickets.   Some of your competitors are probably plotting and planning on how they will take your website down.  Many want nothing more but to take your Google rank position.

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Some webmasters will go as far as pointing your website to blacklisted, spam websites, and link farms.  How do you combat your mystery enemies?  Thought you would never ask.  There are a couple of methods that you can utilize in order to protect your position on Google and the other major search engines.  One of those tactics is to create quality content within your website every week.  According to SEO Expert, Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive, “Building links isn’t going to guard your position against raiders.”

Creating Content Fortress Around Your SERP’s

Creating a blog or webpage that allows people to leave feedback on your most popular page allows your website to constantly be seen by the web crawlers.  It gets even better.  Your customers, clients, or fans will write most of the content for you by leaving feedback.  All you have to do is get the ball rolling.

Mr. Reynolds, used as an example since they were smart enough to create a webpage within their website that gets updated once a week called, “Transformation of the Week.” Their weekly workout tips continually build trust for their website, quality content and increasing their brand awareness.  Even though it may take a whole lot of time out of your busy schedule and quite some effort but look at the bright side – it will pay off in large dividends.  It’s an investment to update your website once a week and the search engine’s love it. By the time the year is over your website will have 52 updates, while your competitors may have only updated their website one to twelve times a year. Your website will look favorable when Google updates the search engine rankings.  Those Black Hat SEO experts could try anything they want, but their tricks wont work, because quality content is significant in SEO.

Google will continue to add new guidelines for websites due to the fact that they always want to improve the users experience online.  Google is able to do this by sniffing out the poor quality websites and link farms.  Continue building your castle with an army of content and your fortress will not allow any harm to come near you.  Content is still King!

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Written By: Bryan Loconto