Great Forum Posting Tactics For Search Engine Optimization Results

Many SEO’s use forums to gain “link’s” in their signatures, unfortunately the majority of threads are full of fat (useless or invaluable content) because of this. SEO users on threads are simply flooding forums with fat, in fact they usually don’t even read threads, they copy what the last user wrote and they rewrite the answer so its not 100% identical. This practice of forum writing may help some achieve results in SERP’s, however they are missing out on a great amount of useful resources, and the content they provide does not value the reader, if anything it is frustrating to have to read thru 30 useless posts just to find a valuable answer.

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SEO is based on relevancy and I find a great amount of SEO’s joining forums just to gain a link regardless of the category they are in, most forums have rules for signatures, most common rules are: user must publish “X” many post and be a member for “X” many days before adding a signature. These rules are designed to minimize spammers, which in today’s case, is most SEO’s.

Forum Posting For SEO


How Can a Forum Help Your SEO Results?

A forum is a website designed to help users get answers to questions they may have, these users are posting their questions in relevant categories to their niche, in hopes of a solution, or some valuable data. As SEO’s this is our chance to make excellent connections for sites we are working on and here is how, if the category is related to “digital cameras” search “digital cameras forum” in Google and join a relevant forum, look throughout the threads for threads you can provide value, only post educational information and users will follow your links. Since these users are in your field some of them have sites and the rest are trying to learn, these are the perfect users to drive to your site.

After some time on a forum, and after many valuable posts a user earns ranking, showing that the user gave value to the forum. Once a user achieves good rankings on a forum, the user can send private messages to other users on the forum, and since many of these users have relevant sites, link building just got a whole lot easier!

There are many forums on the web and if you cannot find one for your niche in most cases you can find one close enough, For example: If I was link building for a car dealership I can post on any car related threads, wheels, speed, gas efficiency, car parts and many more.

The challenges I first experienced with forum posting were writing value for a topic I knew nothing about. How can I join a thread about rocket science if I am an SEO expert? In most cases, weather you are the rocket science company, or an SEO hired by a rocket science company, someone from the rocket science company should know enough to give value, however if that is not the case, and no one in the rocket science company knows anything about rocket science, research the answer yourself.