How A Title Tag Can Bring A Tidal Wave Of Traffic

The title tag can give you a heavy weight built into your industry or you can get knocked out of the competition.  Whenever you are creating a title tag for your website you want to keep a few things in mind.

 Title Tag Quick Tips

  • Top keyword phrases
  • 60-65 characters
  • Creative
  • Eye-catching
  • Unique

 Before you move an inch use the Google Keyword Tool to find the best keywords for your website.  It only helps you to improve the chances of increasing web traffic.  Having the right keywords and keyword phrases gives you options on which words will be used as anchor text, website html title, description tag, and text links (back links).  As we have mentioned before, keyword research is the most important aspect of any marketing campaign.  Words are very powerful.

 Just like in a book or magazine, the title of the material is important to the advertising to the target audience.  The goal is to make the title catch people’s attention.  Make them take a second or even third look, and you get them hooked!

 Clicked On or Skipped On

 There are rules, however, as long as it isn’t offensive to the readers (if you have to ask yourself if it’s offensive than most likely it is).  The title should speak volumes to the readers the moment their eyes see the words.  If your website is fortunate enough to get on the search engine results then your title could be the determining factor of your link getting clicked on or skipped.  How can you increase the click ability of your website?  Simply by utilizing the content of your and title by placing your keywords in front of the title rather than the back.

The best titles we’ve created are the ones that we would click on if we did not create them.  Titles that are well written also have the keyword phrases in the description of the site.  Google likes this and the visitors will like it as well- win-win situation.  Be prepared for a “Title Wave of Traffic!”

 The rule of thumb is to keep the title tag at 65 characters and 160 characters for the description tag.  Whenever you go beyond the 65 or 160 character limit the tags are cut short by the search engines.

Written By: Bryan Loconto – Google +