How To Find Your Websites Top Keywords

Take a hard look at your website with a pair of SEO glasses.  Start by looking at the very top of your website where the tab is located.  Does it state “Welcome,” “Your Company Name” or is it blank.  Can you copy and paste the content or page titles?  You should be able to because it always the search engine spiders to read your content as well.

Examples of Meta tags ,

In order to see what the search engine spiders are able to crawl within your website, Hold Control + U (PC users) and look at your H1 tags. You’ll be able to see the source codes which are the back end of your website.  We quickly find anything we are looking for on a document by using this “search” feature (Command+ F).  Does your website have the title tags and descriptions tags in place with quality keyword phrases?

SEO Dog memeWe have said it once and it’s worth repeating, keywords are the foundation of your website’s success on the Internet. It’s also paramount in your Internet Marketing campaigns and Link building;  the search engines use them as an indication of what your website is about.  If Google finds these keywords important, than you should as well.  Ask yourself, “How do I know which keywords are important to Google?”   Thought you would never ask.  Use the Google Keyword Search tool in order to locate your top keywords.

Focusing Your Content’s Keywords For Your Target Market

Take a day or two to invest in your keyword research.  Focus each page around one or even two keyword phrases.  For example, if it’s a website about dogs you should be specific about a the type of dog.  Yorkshire Terrier, Doberman, or Border Collie.  To hit the target, break it down even more.  Is it a puppy, teenager, or full grown adult?  If you want to break it down even more, state that your website or webpage is about a female or male.

Location is also a key factor in search engine optimization.  Targeting your local traffic by optimizing your website is called Geo-targeting.  For example, are you located in Florida?  The sun shine state has a population of 19,057,542 people and 288 cities.  Where does your business fit-in on the internet? The exact number of Florida based websites maybe unclear; however, there is more than enough competition online to keep any SEO provider on their toes.  There are over 34 billion websites on the worldwide.  A small business owner can easily get overwhelmed.

Peace of mind that the right SEO Provider Company Brings

As a small business owner you should be focused on running your business and providing quality customer service.  You shouldn’t be worrying about link building, social media networking, or keyword researching.   Allow an SEO team with affordable prices, premier customer service, and the proven experience take over your Internet Marketing Campaign. Only businesses that aren’t concerned with customer service are the companies that does not believe in returning business online and brick & mortar location.  You should allow a qualified SEO company handle your Internet Marketing for many reasons.  Most importantly it gives you a peace of mind and a sense of happiness when your business is prosperous.

 Article Takeaways:

  • Analyze to Websites Meta Tags.
  • Use Google Keyword Tool External.
  • Breakdown your keywords as much as possible.
  • Geo-Target your website content.

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Written By: Bryan Loconto