Internet Marketing For My Business

So, you have yourself a solid business idea?!? PERFECT!
You’re even thinking about buying a new domain for this business? GREAT MOVE!

Now…what do you do next?

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have an outstanding amount of raw business instincts, but end up suffering due to the lack of resources to expand their business. We have two words for you, “Internet Marketing.” The most exciting thing about the Internet is that it levels the playing field for those who have the ability or resources to expand their business through Internet Marketing. These days, promoting a website that offers a highly desired product or service is a great way to gain exposure for your business.

Before you go and purchase your domain name (or URL) of choice, we recommend that you perform some market research on your competition. This is an extremely critical step in the process of Search Engine Optimization. Analyze the keywords that are performing for your competitors because believe or not, your competitors will be doing the same thing with you once they see your site at the top of the Search Engine result pages. The process of keyword research can get a little complicated, but we will touch on this topic in a later blog post.

Next, once you’ve figured out the best keywords (at least 10 of them), choose one of them and place it with your company name. The “Strategic” aspect of SEO Services is the piece of the puzzle that will help give your website that competitive edge against the competition. Keep in mind that you don’t want to have too many syllables with in the domain. The Search Engines likes three syllables at the max, so please do your self a favor and keep your domain name as short as possible.