Keyword Research For SEO Beginners

Get your goggles and gloves. Keyword research is the first step to take in SEO when starting your online campaign or working a website. Keyword research is similar to many other forms of research, in SEO, the research never ends.

Keyword Research

Recently, we had client that wanted to get ranked on page one of Google for Macbook Decals. We immediately logged into our Google Keyword Tool to locate the amount of search volume for the words “Macbook decals,” which gets 5400 searches a month. One of the benefits of using the Google Keyword Tool is that it provides related keywords. Some of the related words we found were as: MacBook stickers, MacBook skins, MacBook designs, mac decals, mac stickers, mac skins, and iPhone.

Now, that we have a list of keywords to go after, it is easier to focus our campaign.  We are going to start with searching blogs for the keyword phrase, MacBook Stickers.  A great blog tool to use is the Fast Blog Finder since it allows you to submit blog comments on only “Do Follower” blogs and it alerts you on how many comments and the date of the last blog update.

Once you have gathered about 50 keywords and keyword phrases, you are prepared to place two of these words per page. Focus your unique content around the keyword phrases.  Every webpage of your website must be unique due to the fact that Google penalizes websites with duplicate content.  You will want to make sure that the content is intriguing and informative to your target market. For example, Macbook stickers target market would be Apple consumers who use Macbooks, iPads, and iPhones. Look at your competitor’s websites, they will give you an idea of what your industry’s standards are.

We are going to continue to inform our audience with SEO tips and updates. Please share with us your thoughts in regards to this article.

Written By: Bryan Loconto