Let’s Go Mobile With SEO

Determined entrepreneurs are always looking for different ways to market to their target audience. Has anyone noticed the growing population of smart phones? Yes, I’m sure since we all have mobile phones, for the most part are fortunate to be able to afford them. The Blackberries, iPhones, and Androids, to name a few, are booming in business. With over 50 million people using their cell phones to search the web daily, this means big business opportunities for anyone with a business venture. 50 million!!!


Now, you’re wondering how do I tap into this market? The answer is easy- Go where the herd is going. Go Mobile – Mobile SEO. Create a Mobile Website that caters to your niche market. Times are changing and technology is definitely advancing. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, just mold it to fit your path. Better yet, mold it to meet the direction your market is heading. This will help you save time and make you more money.

Google offers a Keyword tool that helps with finding out what your market is searching for. People using their phones for certain services or products are looking for answers fast. So all the mumbo jumbo that is usually placed in the beginning of a website shouldn’t be used for a mobile site. Your content should be welcoming and straight to the point of what your website is about.

The search engine guidelines are pretty much the same for mobile SEO as they are for stationary computers. Producing an Internet marketing plan for mobile optimization will position your website for profits, and will be an injustice for your business if you don’t. A large market of 50,000,000 people can literally fly over your head, I’m sure no one wants that.

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Written By: Bryan Loconto