What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords in SEO refer to targeting keywords that have at least three or more words in each phrase. For Example… Instead of targeting “cat food” which gets the most searches, 30% of the traffic for that business, you can target “best cat food”, ”healthy cat food”, “what is the best food for my cat?” What about the 70% of traffic that’s left? Fortunately long tail keywords drive traffic to a site by targeting what people type on a broad spectrum. Long tail keywords are not as competitive as main keywords are.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

Any successful SEO company will start by targeting long tail traffic, just to get some interaction on the site. This helps sites get indexed quickly on search engines. Tapping into long tail keywords is the most efficient way to start seeing organic traffic. There are many variations that people type and in order to rank for these variations, we do keyword research and find the search volume. If a long tail keyword has a high search volume and low competition, it’s a perfect start! People who type long tail keywords are just as interested as the broad search. I would go as far as saying the long tail keywords are more interested in the product, when someone types “vet” it’s a very broad term, and the searchers might not be looking for a vet rather information on what a vet is… If the target long tail keyword is “where can I find a good local vet” the searcher is specifically looking for something.