What do Readers want to see in your Web Content?

There’s no magic trick for creating a great web page that everyone will love and visit constantly. However there are guidelines one can implement to make their site easy to use and better their chances in keeping readers happy and entertained.

Keep your pages short and simple

Writing for the web in not the same as when writing for print. When landing on a site, people tend to scan content hastily. Statistically, the average user will determine if they will continue on a page the first 5 seconds.The trick is to create content that allows readers to find what they want quickly, yet offer enough information for those who want a deeper description on the matter. It’s all about your articles readability.

Check your spelling and grammar

Most online readers are unforgiving when it comes to spelling and grammar errors. If maintaining online reputation wasn’t difficult enough, a simple tiny mistake can mean the end of your professional image and expert credibility. It may seem unfair, but most people judge a website by the quality of the writing, and errors are an obvious sign of lack of work ethic.

Use strategic formatting

By bolding important content, readers are able to scan through and pick out the most important information at a glance. Emphasize different key points with italic formatting or underlining so it can quickly be found.

1. Use bulleted and numbered lists

2. Numbers are an incredibly effective way to both capture attention and to keep the reader oriented.

They highlight ideas your readers can’t resist.

• They’re an easy on the eye way to present multiple points.

• They look different from the rest of your text, so they provide a visual pause for your reader.

Good links

Links are very important when it comes to online content. Not only do they assist your readers with further information, but can benefit your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Correctly labeling links tells the reader where they are going, and what they will find there. Two kinds of links: External and Internal. External links demonstrate that you’ve studied the issue and want to highlight other expert’s thoughts. Internal links send readers to a page within your domain that has more detailed information about a subject. A great advantage of internal links is that if an amateur copies your content, they will create a new link to your website.

Keep your links fresh. Broken or rotting links are a warning sign for readers and search engines that a site is not maintained. Unfortunately, “unlinked” links is something that happens without even noticing. Go back to your previous posts and look for broken or rotten links. Remember, readers won’t stay long on a site that not even the owner cares about.

Find out what they want

If you have a large number of followers, it is up to you to find topics that will please them and keep them coming back. Simpler said than done, but not impossible. If you go back to your previous posts and pay attention, you may find comments, questions or opinions from your readers, full of potential material to create new blog posts. If a reader ever asks a question in the comments, write an article answering the question. If two readers ever have a disagreement about something, consider looking at both sides of the issues and writing a detailed blog post. These ideas are coming straight from your readers. In fact in many cases your readers will straight up tell you what they want to read.


You need to inject your personality in your writing. Good content without personality won’t help you build an audience. Just be you. If something angers you, blog about it. If you are so excited about the release of a new device, write a review about it like it were the best technology of our generation. Some people will like what you write and others will leave after the first article.

“We all want loyalists, but here’s the harsh truth: Loyalty is difficult to achieve! Many people try to build it with clever marketing campaigns and promotions. The reality is one-hit-marketing-wonders or a free ipad/tablet will create short-term relationships. Superficial efforts don’t dig deep enough into their minds to make a difference”. Says Jessica Northey, Social Media expert and avid Blogger. Her blog and site are so popular due to the unique personality she injects into her work, which reflects her passion and knowledge on various subjects.

The finality is to create a vast loyal following. And good easy to read content will help you achieve that. Content is king! You already know that’s true, but is it everything? Could you keep on pumping out great content and still build an audience of loyal readers?