Look Out For These “RED FLAGS” In Your SEO Quote

Every small business owner on the Internet is searching for a company that can get them extra website traffic.  At the same time, every SEO firm is looking for extra clients.  There is a demand and only a few companies in every city can really supply the demand for SEO services that website owners are desperately searching for.  Evaluating a SEO Quote can get confusing with all the technical terms, such as back linking, search engine results, Google Indexing, etc.  However, we have developed a few tips to protect your investments, as well as and how to speed up the process of elimination.

SEO Quote Red Flags

In order to feel confident when working with an Internet Marketing firm or SEO expert you have to familiarize yourself with the industry to some extent.  We are going to simplify a couple of important aspects of SEO Services and what to look out for in a SEO Quote:

How to find red flags in your SEO quote?

1.  SEO Companies cannot guarantee that you’ll be on the first page of Google in a specified time frame.  These companies don’t work for Google or any of the search engines. “You’ll be on Google in 30 Days or your money back!” Red Flag.

2.  Send us referrals.  “We do not have any referral list to send to you.” Red Flag.  Real SEO Companies pride themselves on results and have a list ready to show off to their co-workers, associates, and clients.

3.  What are your prices?  “We charge X amount of dollars for this, that, and this.” Red Flag.  There shouldn’t be a set price.  All companies and industries are different so it’s actually impossible to give all companies the same deal or package.

4.  How will you get us traffic?  “We will submit your website to 1,000’s of online directories.”  Red Flag.  No one in their right mind will sit in front of a computer to submit your website to 1,000 directories.  It will take months or even a year to complete this one step.   Yes, it’s important to submit your website to directories, however, a good SEO expert knows that only a handful of directories are worth the effort.

5.  How will we know that the SEO is working?  “We will call you.”  Red Flag.  The proof is in the pudding.

We will be more than happy to review your quotes and give you a Real SEO Quote.  We also wrote a Press Release on the issue.

Written By: Bryan Loconto