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Our Seo Specialist, Donnie Strompf is known in the office as a very loquacious and rambunctious character. However, we noticed that a strange phenomena occurs every Thursday from 1 PM PST that keeps him silently glued to his yoga ball. This brought concern and got us wondering. What is so intriguing that posses him to quietly look at the screen with his headphones? After investigating, we discovered he was “Hanging” out on Google+ with Max Minzer.

Who is Max?

Max MinzerFor those who don’t know, Max Minzer is an Internet Engagement Consultant & Strategist, who resides in Seattle (a place where a lot of good ideas are created). Max is creator and host of the popular weekly Google+ Hangout MAX IMPACT. To go in depth on who Max is, I suggest reading Positive Outing: Max Minzer a delightful interview conducted by Rob Toledo

Max Impact Hangout

The Max Impact Hangout is a weekly Google+ Video discussion with a panel of industry experts that  analyze marketing related topics and exchange opinions. The Hangouts give viewers the opportunity to interact  with top experts and CEO’s of successful businesses in a more personal level. Not only does the hangout provide valuable information but it gives the opportunity to network with many marketing industry specialists.

Max Impact has given many the chance to hangout, learn, ask, receive recommendations and resources from experts such as:

AJ Kohn, John Doherty, David Amerland, Barry Schwartz, Pete Meyers, Darren Shaw, Mike Blumenthal, Will Scott, Mark Traphagen, Steve Webb, Lauren Hall-Stigerts, Gianluca Fiorelli, Dan Shure, June Macon, Ian Lurie, Mackenzie Fogelson, Kane Jamison, Rob Toledo, Nick Eubanks, John-Henry Scherck, Alan Bleiweiss , Jamie Turner, Joel Klettke , Anthony Pensabene

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What happens in Max Impact Doesn’t stay in Max Impact

Even though the hangout has a limited amount of speakers, the knowledge gathered in a single hangout is overwhelming and a great resource for those involved.

In a typical Hangout we discuss case studies, real life experiences, what has worked, what has not worked, search, future of search, history of search, social media, future of social media, history of social media, analytics, algorithms, ethical and unethical business methods etc. Without much outreach we were able to network and get professional technical answers, references and helpful tools to better our quality of work. The beauty of the hangout is that the information is available to everyone.

A Hangout for everyone

Whatever internet marketing industry you work within or are interested in learning about, there is a Hangout for you. Maybe you missed a Live hangout, don’t worry, you can check them all out in the Max Impact Hangouts Youtube channel.

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Max4 MAX11
Max 2 MAX9
MAX13 Max10

What the Online Community says About Max Impact

To get a better understanding on how #MaxImpact has influenced the online community,  we reached out to industry specialist & guests of the hangouts and asked them to share their thoughts and experiences.


AJ-KohnAJ Kohn – You know, I’m not sure really. I just remember Max being on Google+ and that he was smart and engaging. He wasn’t afraid to ask questions and I liked that. Then he had this show he was doing and it was just a really cool idea. He was just jumping in with both feet so when I got invited to participate I decided to jump in too.

Steve Webb ImageSteve Webb I originally heard about Max Impact from the man himself: Max Minzer. We were posting comments back and forth on a Google+ thread, and at some point, he invited me to join an upcoming hangout. I did, and the rest is history 😉

Rob Toledo Image Rob Toledo – From Max directly — he’s a local here in Seattle, so we get to chat pretty frequently, heard of the concept directly from him.

Nick Eubanks Image Nick Eubanks – It came like a sudden lightning storm, literally out of nowhere. I saw someone tweet about a live hangout with AJ Kohn to talk about on-page SEO, and I was interested. Stopped in for my first hangout and found it to be a very refreshing, engaging, and thought-provoking experience.

Lauren Hall-Stigerts ImageLauren Hall-Stigerts – I met Max at a Distilled meetup in 2012 and we hit it off instantly. As we kept in touch over Twitter, his passionate and personable attitude kept me engaged. The nature of a good marketer is someone who isn’t afraid to promote. When he invited me to attend one of his first Max Impact Hangouts, his motivation to share knowledge and bring the online marketing community together was transparent. He has been so excellent in cultivating a regular attendance with grassroots outreach and quality content that I couldn’t help but be impressed.

kane jamison IMAGEKane Jamison – I met Max about a year ago at a Distilled meetup here in Seattle, so I think I heard about Max Impact from the beginning, but it took me awhile to recognize the quality that was coming out of it and start dropping in to the hangouts.

John Doherty photo John Doherty – Max told me about them himself and invited me to them. I unfortunately have client meetings on Thursday afternoons when they are held, so have only been able to attend 2 (one was where I was interviewed).

Ian Lurie Image Ian Lurie – Max contacted me. We’d met at a Distilled Meetup.

david-amerland-bigDavid Amerland – I saw a HOA on G+ and then Max reached out to me himself.

Dan Shure ImageDan Shure – I heard of Max Impact through people talking about it online. I think the fact he chose a catchy and fun name which works well as a hashtag on Twitter helped the word spread too. Branding!

Anthony Pensabene ImageAnthony Pensabene – I heard through tweets and other peoples’ g+ shares. I use also visited by three wise men while staying in Bethlehem, but that’s another story I suppose.

Alan Blelweiss ImageAlan Blelweiss – My first experience was being invited by Max to be a guest interviewee.

Jamie Turner ImageJamie Turner – Max reached out to me, but I’m glad he did. He’s brilliant. And he’s all over the place!


AJ-KohnAJ Kohn – I learned a lot about how to be ‘on camera’ and about the power of hangouts in general. It not only showed the power of video (which is pretty obvious) but in the type of collaboration that can happen with people from all over the world.

Steve Webb ImageSteve Webb – I’ve learned at least one new thing from every Max Impact I’ve attended. But more importantly, the hangouts serve as a weekly reminder of just how amazing our community is. Everyone has something interesting to share, and everyone is openly willing to help in any way that they can. Max has built something truly special, and it’s only getting better as time goes on. Many of the Max Impact hangouts cover SEO-related topics that are directly applicable to my area. And even if I’m already familiar with a given topic, it’s still incredibly valuable to hear about another expert’s experiences/findings/etc. Additionally, the panel and audience always offer up at least a few resources that I haven’t seen before.

Rob Toledo Image Rob Toledo – Absolutely — I think each speaker has been a fascinating interview. Recently, Rhea’s talk on reputation management was fascinating as that’s one area I’m less familiar with. I think the overarching benefit is how many topics each weekly interview covers. For example, one week Max is interviewing someone about technical audits, and then the next it’s more on link building. It goes to show how diverse of an industry SEO actually is.

Nick Eubanks ImageNick Eubanks – This is a bit embarrassing, but everything I know about Google Hangouts has come from Max. I still remember the first time I was in the hangout and trying to figure out how to set-up my ‘lower third’ :)Mostly understanding the power, reach, and best use of Google+

Lauren Hall-Stigerts ImageLauren Hall-Stigerts – Uh, what HAVEN’T I learned! Max strives to bring in a variety of speakers and topics every week. I’ve been able to gain insight from industry experts on subjects that I want more detail on. (For me, that’s technical SEO, AuthorRank, and more.) As a past Max Impact speaker and a participant, I’ve been able to foster new relationships with great people that I might not have met otherwise. And as someone who works solo, it helps me connect with others “face to face” weekly: we touch base on the challenges of independent consulting and learn from each other, even after the broadcast ends. As a speaker and a participant, Max Impact helps me hone my presentation and impromptu discussion skills. As a marketer, Max Impact is a great way to get many different opinions on a topic. I’ve been inspired on how to create more engaging content from Ian Lurie. I’ve learned some of the pitfalls of technical SEO from John Doherty. June Macon shared some wicked-smart information on being a social trainer and evangelist.

kane jamison IMAGE Kane Jamison – For me the value has not been in learning new tactics so much as hearing other opinions on a variety of topics and contrasting that with my personal approach to find areas for improvement.

John Doherty photoJohn Doherty – I learned some new stuff in the Hangout that I did from the guys who used to be on the Webspam team. It was also nice to hear some clarifications about certain types of penalties.

Ian Lurie Image Ian-Lurie – Definitely. Some great tips on Google Authorship. And actually I’ve learned quite a bit about using the Hangout software itself. The real value for me is the ‘tune up’ I get. I’ve got a lot of marketing info rattling around in my head. It’s important to stir it all around now and then.

david-amerland-big David Amerland – Every HOA is a live lab session. Whether you are the interview subject or a participant or simply a viewer there are always things to learn. Because there is no scripting and the environment is fluid it provides a great setting for unleashing insights, crystallizing thoughts and providing fresh points of view. Each one adds to my store of knowledge or helps me clarify ideas and perceptions. I am active across the entire SEO and Social Media field so it’s difficult to say that I have picked up something I did not know already and have directly benefited from it, but as always, the ability to hear other people’s opinions and thoughts and ideas on subjects of interest helps create a more granular picture and that is right.

Dan Shure ImageDan Shure – I honestly have only attended a handful, but I learned a ton on the first content episode he did. I think after the content episode, especially from insights that Joel K. shared, I was able to go back and apply some level-headed reasoning to getting my clients to execute on content. We have ideals, and then there’s reality, and the trick it seems is to strike high enough where you get increasingly good quality, but not too high too soon – then it won’t get created.

Anthony Pensabene ImageAnthony Pensabene – I have picked up parcels and gems from the hangouts. Personally, the courage of Max to begin a visual, live hangout was inspiration for me. Listening and observing is a marketer’s best tool. Every hangout provides opportunity for that. Since I’ve been watching Max’s hangouts, my single scene’s game has improved by 220%, also my vertical jump in badminton has improved by at least three inches.

Alan Blelweiss ImageAlan Blelweiss – Yeah -there are a lot of very smart people in our industry outside the circles I’ve already established (and I’ve established some pretty vast circles!) By allowing me to get insights from others who have different yet just as viable an experience base as mine. More than once I’ve been able to enhance my knowledge further as a result.

Jamie Turner ImageJamie Turner – Yes, I’ve learned so much about SEO that it’s hard to keep track of it all! SEO is the #1 thing I have to focus on in order to keep my business thriving. That wouldn’t have happened without Max’s help.


Pete Myers-bigPete Myers – The Hangout was actually the first time Barry Schwartz and I have talked outside of email, and I loved the more causal format. It really made me wish I could spend more time at the bar with my industry friends, because you can learn more from an hour of talking to other pros than you can from 500 blog posts, IMO.

AJ-KohnAJ Kohn – I have. Plenty of folks. Max is good at bringing a lot of different voices to the table.

Darren-ShawDarren Shaw – Max’s Hangout with Mike Blumenthal and Will Scott was fantastic. I enjoy any opportunity to get together with the best in the business to discuss issues in local SEO. I picked up some valuable new tips and had a great time. I would love to participate in any future hangouts with Max.

Steve Webb ImageSteve Webb I’ve met A LOT of new people through Max Impact, and I’ve also learned even more about the people I already knew. Here are just a few of my favorite Max Impact regulars: Sergey Andrianov, Mike Arnesen, Chris Countey, John Doherty, Nick Eubanks, Mackenzie Fogelson, Lauren Hall-Stigerts, Kane Jamison, Joel Klettke, AJ Kohn, June Macon, Gisele Navarro Mendez, Miguel Angel Mendez-Carrillo, Anthony Pensabene, Jeremy Rivera, Bill Sebald, Dan Shure, and the list goes on and on.

Rob Toledo Image Rob Toledo – I recognize most of the faces from the industry, but Max’s weekly hangouts have done a great job getting each one of their personalities out a little bit more. It’s a great way to get to know a lot of these people on a bit of a deeper level, which I think is great for the industry.

Nick Eubanks Image Nick Eubanks – Yes! And besides meeting cool new people like June Macon, Donnie Strompf, Sergey, Jamie T., and so many others – this was often times the first time I ever got to see many of the online personalities I follow in real life, such as Dr. Pete, AJ, Mack Fogelson, and many others.

Lauren Hall-Stigerts ImageLauren Hall-Stigerts – Dozens of new contacts with all sorts of specialties. It’s an excellent group worth joining.

kane jamison IMAGEKane Jamison – It’s definitely surfaced a few new faces in the community, but more importantly for me it’s helped to strengthen at least 3-4 connections that I had already made.

John Doherty photo John Doherty – The Hangouts are where I first got to chat with AJ Kohn and pick his brain on some things. It was a lot of fun!

Ian Lurie Image Ian Lurie – Quite a few folks, actually. Every hangout has some people in it that I’ve not met ‘face to face’ before.

david-amerland-bigDavid Amerland – Yes, almost everyone who attended there was new to me. Some of those I met there I have subsequently gone on to have extensive interaction with so it immediately broadened my digital horizon, for which I am grateful.

Dan Shure ImageDan Shure – Definitely did! The Max Impact hangouts are great because Max brings together different crowds of people that might not meet otherwise.

Anthony Pensabene ImageAnthony Pensabene – A number of personalities have been introduced to my familiarity’s cannon thanks to the hangouts. Additionally, I’ve grown accustomed to Joel Klettke’s silly hats and sharp insight.

Alan Blelweiss ImageAlan Blelweiss – I’ve met and connected with a few great people already, and have had dialogue with several more since then.

Jamie Turner ImageJamie Turner – I established a relationship with Steve Webb, directly as a result of a Max Impact Hangout. Thanks, Max.


AJ-KohnAJ Kohn – There have been moments in the chat while we’ve been doing shows that are really really funny. So many of my favorite moments are off camera, though Joel’s story about Penguin Prostitution certainly sticks out in my mind. I’m glad that I’m in an industry that can be both glib and insightful, that can be earnest but also not take itself too seriously.

Steve Webb ImageSteve Webb My favorite hangout was Written Content: From Start to Finish. It was full of fundamental content-related advice that a lot of people in our industry tend to ignore.And my all-time favorite moment was the infamous penguin prostitution story courtesy of one of my favorite Max Impact participants: Joel Klettke. I also really enjoyed the hangout about SEO audits, but that’s just a shameless plug 😉

Rob Toledo Image Rob Toledo – Anytime Joel K bursts in with one of his random noise interruptions I always crack up. They’re famous now!

Nick Eubanks Image Nick Eubanks – Hmm probably the one with Joel, Ian, and Anthony. Those guys represent a funny mix of personalities and areas of expertise and it was very entertaining.

Lauren Hall-Stigerts ImageLauren Hall-Stigerts – There are two magic moments for me at a Max Impact Hangout.
The first is when I see great friends I’ve only chatted with over social media face-to-face for the first time. Little do they know that I quietly Fangirl’d out when I chatted with Mackenzie Fogelson and Anthony Pensabene. These are real people. REAL PEOPLE! It was a happy moment.
My second favorite Max Impact moment is when things are grooving along: Steve Webb is generously organizing questions from observers, people are having engaging discussions in the hangout, and everyone sticking around for the full hour or more–time just melts away. Talk about great chemistry that sticks with you the rest of the day.

david-amerland-bigDavid Amerland – I like them all.

Dan Shure ImageDan Shure – Totally – the content episode, I was able to join in via video, in what was supposed to be the last few minutes – but the dynamic of the people “in the room” and the energy of whatever was happening that day – it went like another 45 minutes! That was cool, I love those unplanned moments.

Anthony Pensabene ImageAnthony Pensabene – I Selfishly, my favorite moment was when i said fuck (at least once or twice), but honestly, it’s pretty cool to sit back and observe people engage in real time.


AJ-KohnAJ Kohn – Keep being authentic. Keep being who you are and never forget that insults from idiots should be taken as compliments.

Rob Toledo Image Rob Toledo – He’s one of the nicest and genuine people in this industry. He always has the best attitude, and I’m convinced he’ll continue to be a great connector in the industry.

Nick Eubanks Image Nick Eubanks – Thank you for executing on your creativity. So many great ideas are lost to lack of execution. I imagine it took a lot to say “I’m going to start a video series, it’s going to take away from my revenue generating activities each week, I’m going to have to manage all of the communications, the schedule, and the promotion,” and then to actually do it. Hats off to you Max, you’re doing a wonderful job.

John Doherty photo John Doherty – Keep on going, man! You’re providing some awesome stuff for the industry and really building your name!

Ian Lurie Image Ian Lurie – Max, please keep running these. They’re a fantastic resource!!!

david-amerland-bigDavid Amerland – I love Max’s energy and enthusiasm, both of which come through his shows. I think he has been an important voice in the SEO and Digital Marketing fields. Really, we need more like him. 🙂

Anthony Pensabene ImageAnthony Pensabene – Max, kudos to you for your bravery in offering your personality and others.  I respect that as well as your kind and inquisitive demeanor.  Keep up the good work.

Alan Blelweiss ImageAlan Blelweiss – Just want to say that Max is a great connector – something I do myself – so to see how willing he is to reach out to people and bring more into the community – it’s an invaluable talent he has developed and greatly appreciated.

Sergey Andrianov Image Sergey Andrianov – Max Minzer is doing a fantastic job running Max Impact HOAs. I always try to make time in my schedule to watch or participate live in his series. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity Max presents through this series to gain new knowledge and network with other experts in marketing, SEO and SMM. To me personally, Max Impact was sort of a G+ kick-start vehicle where I met experts who I deeply respected and became friend with. Thanks Max for your wonderful work!

Miguel Mendez-Carrillo Miguel Mendez-Carrillo – I love participating in the Hangouts especially when Steve Webb is on my chat 🙂 The people I’ve had the luck in meeting and networking with has been amazing. Not only have I grown as an expert in my field, but I’ve been able to broaden my knowledge.

Donnie Strompf ImageDonnie Strompf – Max you’re awesome! From the day I joined the hangout till today, there is no place I would rather be on a Thursday. I have learned a ton, and got to meet and ask questions to some of the most influential people in the Internet marketing world. You have opened up so many doors for me, I am very grateful for you and these opportunities that you’ve created for all of us. Keep it up my friend!

Thank you Max

Thanks Max Minzer for putting together this awesome weekly hangout (we cannot thank you enough!). We can honestly say that there are at least 5 takeaways from each episode that have helped us offer a better service. Like the Google+ Comments Plugin below 😉 .