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We are knee deep in 2011 football season with about 6 games left of the regular season. is consistently getting thousands of visitors a day. Their website is so “SEO Friendly” that they don’t even need to be listed on Google, Yahoo or Bing to get traffic. The majority of website owners seek to be on the first page of the major search engines due to the fact that it brings a substantial amount of traffic to their website and huge profits for their company. ‪ happens to be an exception to the search engine placement rule due to the fact that it’s America’s sport and has one of the easiest URL’s to remember with only three letters.

SEO Friendly Websites

According to, is ranked number 65th in the United States, has 20,276 links pointing to it (inbound links), has been registered since November 12, 1996 and is ranked 302nd globally. Those numbers are impressive! Search engines, especially Google, will give them two thumbs up anytime.

The age of the website plays a huge factor in getting a high page rank (PR); it’s a great idea to get links pointing from a website that is above 3 years of age. The older the website the better it is because it shows that a website isn’t a fly by night website and that it is here to stay. There are many spam sites that Webmasters create to get a link pointing to their main website, known as a black hat tactic; search engines frown on these tactics and blacklist such sites.

The most important factor in getting valuable real estate in the search engines is to get quality inbound links pointing to your site. Each link pointing to your site is considered a vote amongst the Internet community. Each Webmaster and website owner voting to your website forces the search engines to notice your popularity on the Internet within your respected industry. Getting links pointing to your site takes time and serious effort. The higher the page rank of a website, the more time and effort that will have to take part in order to get that link; it is ideal to reach for a link that has a PR 4 and above. One of the best ways to get links is to post on different blogs that are related to the keywords of your website. Tools like, Fast Blog Finder will save you an immense amount of time on your endeavor. Just between us, this software tells you the page rank, latest update of the blog and whether or not the blog is a “nofollow or dofollow.” It’s generally a good practice to blog for about 1-2 hours a day.

Another good SEO advantage that has is that they are constantly adding and switching videos. The search engines love videos, especially Youtube. has well optimized video’s and an exceptional ongoing video marketing strategy for their website. Thousands of NFL fans comment on their videos regarding the football plays and the various shows that are aired on the NFL Network channel. Every sports analysts (all of them happen to be Super Bowl Champions) have an active Twitter account that they use to interact with the fans live during the show.

After looking at all of the factors, it is understandable why their website is SEO Friendly and has an impressive PR 7. There are not many websites that can get past a PR 4 let alone receive a PR 7. Their website is a hub of information for the National Football League and this is why it’s so popular. Becoming an authority of information is what all websites should strive for. People are looking for answers and your website should be able to answer their questions quickly. I’m sure every website owner doesn’t have the $10,000 budget a month that the NFL has for SEO Services, but you can have a $10,000 a month attitude by being consistent and creative. It’s better to focus on your strengths, rather than your weaknesses. If you’re a writer than write blogs and comment on other industry leading blogs with relevant content. If you’re good with networking than pursue the Social Media Networking with a vengeance. Join community forums and industry groups on Linked in and Digital Point. Every activity conducted on the Internet in regards to your website should be benefiting your website. Keep in mind that the bottom line is to score a “Touch Downs” by “Getting The Links!”

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Written By: Bryan Loconto