Online Boycott – Dump Godaddy Day!

Godaddy has recently gone from the Mecca for domains and hosting to the dark side of the Internet.  “Dump Godaddy Day” was initially thought to be just some hot air from lobbyist, but it turns out to be a legitimate argument for First Amendment rights, which is Free Speech.  Godaddy has lost over 72,000 domains since announcing that they are in support of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).

Opponents of the bill believe that it will give the United States government control over the content Internet users can access.  This bill makes it interestingly easy to get court orders that will shut down websites suspected of having anything to do with copyright infringement – directly or indirectly.  Even Paypal, which is a payment source for websites that sells intellectual property like movies and books can be wiped off the face of the earth.


Proponents of SOPA says it will protect jobs, revenue, intellectual property and pushes the enforcement of copyright laws against domestic & foreign websites. Even after recanting their position on the SOPA, it still does not seem good enough.  It would have been wise for Godaddy not to have taken a stance in the first place. This situation is too hot to play neutral.  However, since they switched their minds to oppose the act, one would think that Godaddy would place a statement on the website against SOPA.  Holding a press conference would probably even slow down the mass exodus.  Congress will postpone its decision until after winter recess in January.

 Some Of The Aspects Of SOPA:

  1. Payment Facilities’ won’t be able link to websites considered to be illegal.
  2. Internet Service providers will have to block access to websites that violate the infringement laws.
  3. Streaming copyrighted content will be a crime and could face years of prison for every 10 pieces of music or movies within six months.
  4. This bill gives Internet services immunity to take action against websites that commit infringement
  5. Infringes on First Amendment rights:  Internet censorship and Free Speech.

Customers believe that Godaddy is now prolonging the process of clients transferring domains out of Godaddy.  There are Godaddy customers purchasing new domains and creating webpages with ironic titles naming them “anti-SOPA” or “SopaBoycott.”  Third inconsistent position on the new bill has thousands of people irate, frustrated and scared.  There is a huge black market online around the world and they all will feel the wrath of the Internet by losing 37,000 domains between December 22 and 24.

Seems as if Godaddy will have to hire a public relations firm that can clean up their tarnished image.  These new regulations, if passed, will businesses directly because their customers will be hurting.  Reputation management experts  are probably soliciting their services to Godaddy as you read this blog.  As of December 29, 2012, “Dump Godaddy Day” will be official.

We’ll keep you updated as this story about Godaddy, SOPA and congress unravels.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

Written By: Bryan Loconto