Selling SEO Services Like a Boss

They say a great salesperson can sell ice to an Eskimo, but can that same person sell SEO to an obstinate client. The most important rule to remember when selling SEO Services is to be 100% convinced that it works. If you do not believe in yourself or what you do, how will you ever convince a prospect to hire you?

Learn about your future client

Any company looking to hire you will research diligently to determine if you are the right SEO Company for them. As an SEO company, you should do the same. Research your client like a private investigator. Find out what they have been up to. Find out if they have a natural link profile, duplicate content or if their site is unsalvageable.

hello? SEOLook into their personal Social Media and read business reviews. Anything you can find on them will help you sell them. The more you learn about them the more you can prepare. Prospects will appreciate the fact that you took the time to do your homework. Congratulations! You may have just one-upped the competition.

SEO in not a “one-size-fits-all” type of service. Every niche has its angle and every business will need to target a specific demographic accordingly. If you can see the business in the same light as the prospect, and add value to their vision you are golden! I can’t tell you how many times we get prospects calling us for SEO services that have been cheated or misled and don’t even know it. Once we understand the prospects goals and history, we can naturally add value.


Prepare a presentation to impress

AreYouPreparedOnce you know what the prospects business has been through you can formulate a game plan. Creating a visual goal outline is critical to the enrollment process. Help the prospect understand your visions by making friends with them. If the prospect likes you they are more likely to trust you. How many friends do you have, that you don’t trust?


Find out exactly what the client needs, and find the best way to present it. Practice your pitch before you call them. If you can record the call, record it and listen to it a few times. You will improve! Have all your data ready and send him any visual aids he can follow.


Find common ground

Making friends can be challenging without pre planning. If you know where the client lives you can research current events in their location. Stalk the prospect, are they on Facebook? Do they like golf or any other sports? Become the friend and make the sale!

Make the prospect laugh, people love laughing, if you can make them laugh they will enjoy talking to you more than your competitors.

Build excitement in your prospect and stay professional. If you don’t know the answers to one of their questions, do not guess. Some prospects are testing you, be honest by telling them you will find out and get back to them. They will respect your honesty and you will pass the test.


The Sales Pitch

When you approach a potential client be transparent, honest, and direct. When dealing with people who are not as knowledgeable when it comes to technical jargon, bring the conversation to ground level. Explain SEO in Layman’s terms; this will help them understand where their business is and the benefits your service will bring. This is important because the biggest problem in sales is client confusion.

salespitchSEORegarding SEO, things may seem simple to those in the Business. However, to a business that does not understand SEO, we can easily confuse them instead of educate them. Confusion does not lead to a yes. However, transparency with direction will help you keep the client happy and faithful to your company.


Apply pressure when you can

Creating FOL (Fear Of Loss) and a sense of pressure in your client’s mind can be a good if the opportunity presents itself.  Mention the factors that are hurting their business. In the case of SEO, the client might have a bad link profile, awful URL structure, or irrelevant duplicate content. These points are excellent for creating urgency; we are truly concerned for businesses that have terrible link profiles, not only does it affect them but it diminishes the quality of what is out there. 

We emphasize to every prospect and current clients “results are not overnight, the sooner you get started the sooner you’ll get results.”  You can always follow that up with more FOL, tell the prospects “We are exclusive to our clients and the keyword phrases they are after. If your competitor calls and signs up , we will no longer be able to take on your project ← All True, I believe it and so will our prospects!

The key is to give the prospect urgency by becoming exclusive to your company. Note: Only say this once, and do not rub it in! Rubbing it in might anger a prospect; an angered prospect is less likely to say Yes!


Listen with your ears and not with your mouth

There is a fine line between knowing everything and knowing how to deliver everything. A prospect can be sold and can be oversold. You can talk your way “into” and “out of” a deal in minutes. Always listen to the prospect, never interrupt, be clear and talk at their level. Fifty percent of selling something is listening.Listen SEO

If they ask questions about your methods, and what you think of their site, do not beat around the bush; give direct and truthful answers. If you do not provide a good answer to the questions asked, or try to dance around it, your credibility will instantly decline.  

Even if it is bad news, be honest and don’t sugar coat things. If you say things like “That’s easy, I can fix that” or “your site can be optimized no problem”, your words will come back and haunt you in the future. What you tell the prospect prior to enrollment resonates in their head. In their eyes, if you don’t do what you promised, you are a liar.


Build trust

Offer your prospects references, but do it as your closing act. Let the prospect know that your current clients time and privacy is very important, and in order to make the connection you will need to call them and get authorization

Let them know that you will only make the connection if they are serious and ready to sign up. Explain to the prospect that you will have the same respect for them once they become a satisfied client.

We always say “You can have references but only if you sign up with us after the call” why? “We get many prospects and we cannot waste our clients time with people who might not sign up” This strengthens the fact that we are a serious business and we are not afraid to prove how good we are. Happy, current clients will willingly reference your business.


One can always become Better

BobRoss2_620_102912No matter how good you get at anything, you can always get better. You will not get every deal, and you will not make friends with everyone. Learn from your mistakes, take notes, and include a common grounds section in them. After doing this over and over your skills will keep improving.  


Sales is an art not a science, be an artist not a salesman!

Once you sell them on SEO it is important to keep them happy, If you want to learn more on how to keep your clients happy,  you can check out my interview on Max Impact  Hangout  or play the video below.


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