SEO Checklist

SEO has many variables that are important and shouldn’t be overlooked.  We put together a SEO checklist list of the top SEO components that will get your website on the right path.

Basic SEO List
Information Theme: Create a website clearly focused on your industry.  The Search Engines will categorize you appropriately.
UVP: Unique Value Prepossession- something that the clients can’t get anywhere else.  This is what sets your company apart from the competition.
Write Unique Content: Write interesting unique content for each page of the website.
Keywords: Create a keyword list (include keyword phrases).
Competitors: Monitor your industry’s competitors on the first page of Google.  Take notes.
Sales Pitch: Use your Unique Offer to and keywords to create your list.
The URL: Put the keyword in your website URL.
Title Tag: Add your sales pitch in the title tag.  Use up to 50 characters.   This will be used in the title tag in the search engine results.
Meta-Description: Use your sales pitch in the meta-description tag.  Use up to 250 characters.  This will be used in the description tag in the search engine results.
Submit to Directories: Submit your website to Yahoo!, Google, and DMOZ
Meta-Keywords: Put a few keywords in the meta-keyword tag.
File Names: Use your keywords for your file names.
Logo File Name: Use the Keywords in the logo image file names.  For example, images/seo-services/
ALT Tags: Place your sales pitch in the logo’s ALT tag.
Headings: Use an H1 heading tag on the front page.  Use the main keyword phrase as the first word in the heading.
Body Text: Put the main keyword a the the beginning of the body text.  Put several keywords in the bold or italics.
Links: Put the keywords in the link.  Example:  Read more on SEO Fort Lauderdale.
Cross Links: Send a summary of your web page to other relevant web pages.  If it’s useful content, they’ll link to you.
Site Map: Create a plain text site map that list all of the web pages,  Place a plain text link to it on the index page.
Other Tools: If relevant, use blogs, Google Maps, Google AdWords Tool, SEO Moz.
Validate the Code: Use validation tools to check the HTML code and links.

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