Small Businesses Are Effected The Most By The Penguin Update

Small Businesses with websites are getting close lined by the Google Penguin updates.  While mid-size to large companies have the budget to spend on keeping the website up to date.  The smaller ones feel the effect.

 One advantage small businesses have is that they know their business very well.  You would hope that this is the case if you’re the owner of a business/website or both. With that information a blog can easily be created, maintained, and most importantly shared through your social media network.

Giant Penguin SEO

The disadvantages of conducting your own search engine optimization is that it straps you of time; it simply prevents small businesses from focusing on their clients or customers.  The hours some online Marketing Specialists spend on blogging, link building, and social media can be mind-boggling. An average of eight to ten hours on five days a week.  (Some SEO addicts spend their weekends working on optimizing sites, LOL.) They can be compared to children and young teens who spend the same amount of time on video games.  In a perfect world a full-blown Internet Marketing firm has a department for each of the Internet Marketing divisions.

Small Business Online Marketing Departments

  • Content Writer Department
  • Link Building Department
  • Graphic Design Department
  • Social Media Department
  • Internet Marketing Department
  • Keyword Research Department
  • Web Design Department

All of these departments play an important part in optimization a website.  SEO Moz suggests having a 3-tiered structure:  The Content Writer, The Link Builder, and the SEO Commander.  The fact of the matter is that no one can handle all of these by themselves.  They will need someone, somewhere along the way to have an effective marketing plan.

Delegating the duties between the different departments saves time and makes the marketing efforts effective.

 Once you have your team in place, a SEO Chief (Commander, Head Honcho, or whatever you wish to call them) has to give the team direction.  The Internet is like one of the seven seas, it is so easy to get lost in and have no direction.  Just flowing with the waves won’t get you to your destination.

 The Google Penguin update had most website owners running around trying to figure out what was wrong with their websites.  Page rankings were falling like flies causing a massive panic depending on the level of Black Hat SEO tactics they were using.  Even the websites in the top industries were getting slapped by the Penguin updates that took place in late in April.  The difference was that the companies with large budgets or SEO department could make the adjustments expeditiously. It only took a matter of an hour or so to figure out the solution and then take action.  (Messages were given through Google Webmaster.)  They had the manpower and team in place to make the proper adjustments.

What Small Businesses Can Do To Improve Their SEO

 The good news is that small businesses can restrategize their SEO efforts.  Do your selves a favor and please stop over stuffing your keywords on every page of your website.  If you read it out loud then you will be able to see how unnatural the writing sounds.  Excessive footer links are a no-no, as well.   Optimize each page with one or two keyword phrases and make the content around the keywords related to them.  For every time your keyword is used, there should be, roughly, two hundred words around it.

 Two Things to keep In Mind For The Future Of Your SEO:

  1. Natural Link Building.
  2. Quality Content.

 The back links should be in variations.   They should be used with your top keywords or you run into the mistake of having all of the anchor text links looking identical.  Remember that the links are supposed to let people and the search engines know what the website/webpage are about.  We are here to help if you have any questions regarding your SEO.

Written By: Bryan Loconto, SEO Fort Lauderdale