What happened to SOPA?

SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. This was an attempt from Congress to control the Internet. Here is what happened with SOPA, reliable Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and many others bombarded them. What these companies did was send in letters to Congress explaining the chaos that this would cause to the nation. Furthermore they explained how people would lose their jobs and businesses would lose a good amount of hard work and dedication.

War on PIPA and SOPA

SOPA’s Goals

A U.S. Attorney by the name of General, Eric H. Holder, Jr. will obtain a court order against the offshore Web sites that are linked with American sites.  The court order would be served on the Internet providers that would, make the target disappear. According to Steve Crocker web expert the bill was raised he said: “serious technical issues and security concerns   would destroy the Internet.”  The functionally of the Internet on a global scale would be effected if the legislatures decide to block websites by interfering with the Domain Name Servers (DNS). DNS is well known to most people as Internet’s “digital phone book.”  Domain Name Servers tell computers how to find each other over the Internet and once a user types a web address in their browser, their Internet Service Provider (ISP) will alert computers on how to find each other over Internet.  When a user types a URL in their browser, their Internet Provider will check with the DNS and determine where to send the user.

SOPA Supporters

Although many companies opposed SOPA, their was a large amount of companies who were all for SOPA and sent letters to Congress supporting the cause and preventing “online threats” which is quite funny because Motion Pictures was the most aggressive. Any industry related to entertainment would love nothing more then putting an end to piracy.

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