Top 6 Tips For Creating Outbound Links

The controversy over whether or not one should link to another website has been understood.  We felt that it was important to set the record straight.  You should only link out to another website if there is useful information pertinent to your website.  There isn’t any SEO Law written in stone on how many inbound & outbound links a website should have.

Most of the top SEO Service companies agree that there should be a balance of inbound links and outbound links.  Think about it this way.  If all your links are inbound links and you have no links pointing away from your website to help your visitors…how could this be good in the eyes of Search Engines?  When a visitor clicks on a link that you have provided on your website and they find what they’re looking for it leaves a good impression.By having quality links within your website it places you as an authority in your field creating a lasting digital relationship.  The website that you pointed to will realize that you are sending them quality traffic and they will return the favor by creating a link to your website.  (It doesn’t hurt to ask them to link back to you for a keyword or key phrase that you are targeting.  Give them the complete link with the anchor text that you desire.)

Website Link Strategies

1. Links Should Be Relevant:  The links should have something to do with your website.  This doesn’t mean that every link has to be within your industry, but it does have to make sense why your visitors are being lead away from your website.

2. Don’t Overuse Links:  There is a possibility of having too many links.  A rule of thumb, only have 2-3 links within your blog, article or website.  Multiple links can be very frustrating to a site user and you may end up loosing them completely!

3. Use Keyword Anchor Text (as much as possible):   Anchor Text are links that are within the content of your website.  Usually, but not limited to the body of your website.  When you are using creating links don’t use “Click Here” as a link.  It would be beneficial to use a keyword phrase along with the “Click Here.”  For example, “Cookie Recipes-Click Here,” includes what the link is about and a call to action.  You’ve just hit two birds with one stone.

4. Be Careful Who You Link To:  There are link farms a.k.a bad neighborhoods containing hundreds, sometimes thousands of links.  If your website is pointing to or from a link farm, you will receive the same penalty as the rest of them.  A high percentage of the sites in a link farm are low quality sites.  Logically, why would you want to link to a low ranking website that does not have anything to do with your website industry and will cause you to lose a website visitor?

5. Get Rid Of Link Pages:  Pages that consists of only links are considered spam.  People that still use them are stuck in the stone age days of the Internet.  If you insist on using a link page, use it as a resource page.  With every link be sure to provide a brief description of what the company provides.

6. Update Broken Links:  Nothing is worse than a broken link.  Stay away from them by all means.  The only way to do this is by monitoring your links.  Companies go out of business; websites change and even disappear altogether at times.  This effects you when the search engine crawler follows the links to and from your website.  If links are broken, then your website will be reflected poorly, which will in time, decrease your rankings.

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