Trash-Talking Someone To Gain Traffic On Your Website

Creating A Buzz…

Our job as marketers is to gain traffic, whether it is via radio, magazine, newspaper, search engine, or a television. Our clients need business, and they rely on us to get it. There are many ways for marketers to earn business and there are many strategies online that we can learn from. Recent discoveries have proven that finding an industry leader/celebrity in a market and mentioning them can help a company gain traffic. The goal is to create something and include the leaders name and/or image in the broadcast. Name-dropping gains peoples attention. For example: if you heard an announcement or saw an image stating: “Man gets caught robbing a bank!” you may tune in. However, if you heard an announcement or saw an image stating: “Lady Gaga”/”Justin Bieber”/”Bill Gates” gets caught robbing a bank!” you are much more likely to tune in. One is also more likely to talk about this person at work, with friends, and with family.

In the SEO world we need to stay relevant to gain results. We create articles to gain traffic and we find trends to incorporate into our marketing strategies. By getting peoples attention we earn links, likes and mentions on social networks. The more viral our articles become, the more reputable our websites that host these articles become. Reputable websites win results in search engines. Bottom line is we want to get the peoples attention, and have our articles go viral.

“Any publicity is good publicity” BS!

If you have been involved in the SEO world for a little while, I am sure you are familiar with some of the SEO leaders. Today on Google plus there was an article that grasped attention on Rand Fishkin (SEO leader) the CEO of SEOmoz. For those of you who don’t know Rand Fishkin he is a very successful SEO who does not talk negatively about anyone, and only preaches White Hat (real marketing) strategies. The article title was “The Disconnect Between Content & Natural Links” 

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We are not going to mention who published this post, however, the person who used this negative MEME to draw attention to his article happens to be an active user with great rankings on “deceiving Rand Fishkin’s” web site SEOmoz. Not only did he learn from SEOmoz he also published some posts on the site. Hypocrite?

There are many posts in SEOmoz that explain the benefits of mentioning an industry leader and actually gain more mentions. The proper way to do this is by: creating unique content and let this industry leader know that you are going to mention them. Ask them if they want to add something to this article, once the article goes live you send it to them, and they will most likely share it to their large following.

Here is what we think of Rand:

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