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It’s amazing how IE6 lasted 10 years as a browser with an architecture that was created when the Internet was an innocent place.  For many years, IE6 caused headaches for web developers and forced many users to switch to another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome.  Since IE6 was the default browser on many Windows machines, it was also the dominant browser reaching almost 90 percent of the market share in 2002 and 2003.  Since it’s birth, IE6 has been filled with security holes.

Microsoft still holds about 60 percent of the market share, which is more than double that of it’s second place rival Firefox.  In 2011, IE8 is at the top of the list of browsers with more than 22 percent of the browser market.  That’s quite impressive for a browser that has only been around one year.  The problem is the number two browser after ten years is the IE6 with 20 percent of the market.  IE7 has been around for four years and is the number four browser, behind is Firefox 3.5 with 13.57 percent.

Finally, web developers have something to smile about. Microsoft Is Nuking Internet Explorer 6 With Worldwide Automatic Upgrade, starting next month (January 2012), they will upgrade Windows users automatically to the latest version of Internet Explorer supported by the computers.  Internet Explorer Statistics are showing that the popularity of IE6 has declined falling from 11.5 percent to 4.7 percent in the last 12 months.  IE6 isn’t safe to use any longer and IT administrates should make it mandatory to upgrade the Web browser sooner than later.  The Web is a major pool for cyber attacks and the Web browser is the weakest link for all organizations since the need to have an Internet presence is paramount.  Some organizations are more accessible to attacks than others depending on how proactive they are when it comes to Internet security measures.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it sounds for some organizations.  Many of them would love to switch to IE8 (download IE8) but can’t because IE6 and IE7 are part of the initial internal applications.  To make the switch is simply impossible without the financial resources to upgrade their internal applications.  Making the switch is risky due to the fact that some applications that specially use IE6 features may become incompatible with other browsers.

 A Microsoft spokesperson commented via e-mail to say “Microsoft has consistently recommended that consumers upgrade to the latest version of our browser. Internet Explorer 8 offers improvements in speed, security and reliability as well as new features designed for the way people use the web. While we recommend Internet Explorer 8 to all customers, we understand we have a number of corporate customers for whom broad deployment of new technologies across their desktops requires more planning.”

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Written By: Bryan Loconto