Where can I find an SEO Quote?

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SEO One Size Fits All

When a small business looks into SEO, the top competitors for their main keywords usually frighten them. It usually sounds like this “How am I going to compete with these guys? They have a much bigger budget, and they have been around for way longer!” Well, have no fear! SEO is feasible for just about any size company. Even if your main keywords are all extremely challenging, creating unique valuable content and targeting long tail keywords will start driving traffic to your site, early on. Eventually your site will gain authority. Once you earn traffic to your site, you can target bigger more challenging keywords, because you have now earned a following from educating your audience.

Keywords Research for Search Engine Optimization Results

Keyword research is a very important part of SEO. This is when a business can calculate the value of each niche keywords vs. ROI. A great strategy is targeting the highest traffic keywords in your niche that have the lowest competition. I like to use the keyword research tool from SEOmoz. SEOmoz created an awesome keyword tool that collects search data from Google’s index. It collects the volume for exact matches, and broad matches, on global and local searches. This tool also calculates a competition level for each keyword for organic results. Now that you have the tool you need to do research, be creative and patient. Selecting the appropriate keywords is important for each business owner, if the ROI is extremely low, it might not be worth the SEO effort at all, at least for that search specific phrase.