Could Social Media determine our next President? Part I

Data from a social media statistics tool, clearly shows President Barack Obama won the 2008 election by using technology to connect to his audience, as well as his overall lead in the “blogging market” as a whole. 500 million blog postings mentioned President Obama’s name since the beginning of the presidential convention campaigns. In comparison, only 150 million blog posts mentioned Senators John McCain’s name. Unfortunately, the statistics were not available for the oh so famous former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The comparison of the numbers between John McCain’s and Barack Obama ‘s Twitter, Facebook & Myspace were a landslide difference.

In 2012, it’s about the money. The jobs. The homes. The American Dream. Which presidential candidate can re-ignite the passion to work, buy a home and create businesses? Could it be the current President or one of these presidential candidates that are going to take home the Gold? It is said that the demographic difference is what helped President Barrack Obama’s campaign since social media users to fell in the bracket of Democratic voters at the time. This will be completely different in the upcoming election since all the parties will be zoomed into the Internet marketing aspect of their campaign. If not, it will lead to their own demise.

We have so many social media vehicles that have accumulated powerful momentum. Facebook has over 250 million users. There was a social media test performed in January 2011, and in 20 minutes, 1,587,000 wall posts were posted. That’s power! Twitter has an 62% increase. 75% of people with iPads are interested in looking at videos; most Americans watch 30 minutes of a full online video daily, while we watch maybe 5 hours a day in front of the television (personally, I could barely watch 2 hours a day if it isn’t a football game, just don’t have the time.)

It is no surprise the Republicans are eager to win this election. One way to achieve this goal is to copy what President Obama did in the last election- Social Media Battle. According to New York Times, the President has already started his campaign by urging his Facebook friends (19.3 million of them, by the way) to join his “Town-Hall Chat” on Facebook; this type of innovative idea will keep him at the top of the polls. Now, what will really keep him in the presidential palace is to significantly increase the amount of businesses in America between now and election day.

The Republicans licked their wounds and realized that by sending emails, texts and using their websites it would create a virtual connection that is important to the voters in this new millennium. It makes it easier to donate online, volunteer where it’s needed and keep everyone informed. Something that President Obama’s digital strategy worked into perfection and ultimately won the election. Internet marketing is forecasted to be the most important factor in the upcoming election and I truly believe that it will be, especially with increase of hand held computers and smart phones. Clearly our President had a better SEO Services Company on his side, along with a huge marketing campaign budget.

Don’t worry gals and guys, we will get bombarded with a substantial amount of annoying traditional campaign bashing in newspapers, radio, and T.V. ads. Let the games begin! Part II of this post will be coming soon, but we have many other great blogs for you to view, please, share your thoughts and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Written By: Bryan Loconto, SEO Fort Lauderdale