7 Successful Facebook Tips.

In todays market, social networks are becoming a very big part of user interaction. People like buying when they can trust, and with social networking, friends are the ones selling! People like to buy things that their friends refer to them and this is fact.

10 Facebook Tips

1. Facebook Business Page – Create a business account within Facebook, be sure to see how you competitors built theirs, so you can do more then them and achieve better results.

 2.  Choose a Unique URL – You can now customize your Facebook page URL, make sure to include your keyword in the title, this will make it easier for Facebook users to find you within a Facebook search.

3. Brand Your Company (Logo) – When a visitor gets to your page it is important for them to see your name/branding/logo so that they can remember you the next time they see it. People subconsciously store about 95% of images they see in their memory, with that being said a logo or something that represents you is very important.

4. Connecting The Dots – Once you have an established Facebook business page, you can link it to your own page and share your business page with all your friends, get them to interact with your page and ask them to share it with their friends.

5.  Like Button – Add a like button to your website and add it to your blog, now when someone is reading a good blog post by you or someone likes an image/video, they can easily give you the credit you deserve with a like.

6.  Keep It Fresh – A website without consistent updates and maintenance does not gain consistent visitors. If someone links to you its because they want to share what you have and they will more likely link to a well kept site that has fresh content, rather then a site that is lacking in function or has the same content on it from two years ago.

7.  Find Your Market – Using the Facebook search you can find others in your field niche, start reading their posts and interacting with them, be sure to read everything and leave educational responses, the author of the site will like this and check out your site. If you give value first you will nine out of ten times get a like or recommendation. Once you have an established following on Facebook, your new business friends will share your posts, which leads to profitable results.

Is there anything you would like to add on this subject?

by: Bryan LocontoSEO Fort Lauderdale