Create Circles in Google+

Circles in Google+ are used to group specific individuals according to their interests. Most of them have a vast range of unique information easily shared. Each circle can display its own feed for organizational purposes. This is important because having too much information in one feed can be overwhelming, but with personalized Google+ circles you can customize the groups the way you want the information received.

I create a lot of circles on G+ that range from networking with journalist, to my love everything 90s. I wanted to write this quick easy guide to help you create your own circles.

1) Go to the search field, and type the names of the people you want to have in your circles, or look for categories to find other members interested in them. Here is an example of one of my favorite circles Little Big Blog. To start looking for the right people for my new circle I searched keywords and/or #hashtags relevant to the theme, in my case I targeted: #blogs #bloggers #writing.

2) After you search the keywords you’ll see a lot of posts from people you don’t even know, Google+ gives you the freedom to follow whomever you want, without their approval.

3) As you add people, Google+ will ask you what circle you would like to categorize them in. if you don’t find an adequate circle, you’ll have to create one: This will make organizing the people & information you want much easier to find. If you want to create a circle before adding people simply go to Circles Tab on the left.

Most new members don’t have many connections so they will have to go through their keywords and search to find the related posts and people regarding their topic. It may be tedious and long but you will find and filter those people who you want to have in your circles.

4) Here is where the fun begins, take some time and study all the people you’ve found. Looking at their past posts and about page, will tell you what kind of useres they are. Start dragging people in your circle. I suggest adding between 20-40 people; don’t worry about quantity focus on quality. Investing time now will save you a lot in the future.

This is just a simple intro to get you started. Generate as many circles as you need it doesn’t matter how big or small, every circle will be special and have particular individuals that offer specific information. With time you’ll realize, these strangers share many of your interests and they have the potential to network professionally.