How to Interact On Twitter & Grow

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Hands down, Twitter is the best place to network and to learn about your favorite celebrities lifestyle, products and events! How are people having so much fun on Twitter? (You’re about to learn in a second.) Get ready for your Twitter Crash Course.

Achieving traction on Twitter may take a while, if you misunderstand the basics. For many social media gurus, Twitter is a breeze, and it’s a necessary Internet Marketing tool. Nonetheless, it’s fun, exciting, and spontaneous! You can think of Twitter as a global text messaging service that serves people in in many different ways. There are people having a horrible time understanding retweets, #hash tags, handles, and what’s trending. If you fall into any of these categories, we are about to put a huge smile on your face.

Side Joke: Imagine blue birds marching on Twitter protesting their message. You can either join the flock or fly away.

The most powerful component about Twitter is that you can instantly interact with people who have common interests. Twitter enables you to engage with people that are within your niche. You’ll know that they are in your area of interest because they will use certain key words within their posts.

Whether its for a particular brand, diet, car, career, genre, etc. There is a wealth of potential buyers, sellers, or just social buddies. The choice is yours.

In order to search for your desired target audience, simply type in the industry or service keyword phrase that you are looking for in the search field (located on the top right.) Better yet, you can narrow your search by using a company or someone’s Twitter handle (For Example, @Boasting BiZ – Follow us while you’re at it), which takes you directly to the gold mine of what you are searching for.

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Branding Made Easy With Twitter #Hashtags

Another great feature on Twitter is the hash tag which allows you to conduct a search (For example: #BoastingBiZ) of everyone that supports a certain idea or company. You can actually brand your company with a hashtag with every tweet (For Example: #MyCompany). If you are television connoisseur, you may have noticed a hash tag on the TV screen; usually on the top left or the bottom right. I’m sure many of you have seen the pound sign followed by some words (for example, #GOT) on the television screen and asked yourself what is that? LOL.

When using hash tags you won’t be able to easily see the people on your feed that mentioned you. The more people that mention you (For example: @CocalColaCo) the more others will be able to see you and will begin to follow you. You will be able to track how effective your hash tag is within your community by conducting a Twitter search of your hash tag. Jeff Bullas, at Distilled, “Tweets with hash tags receive 200% more engagement than those without hash tags.”

Look for a hot hash tag that is trending. Place something that is relevant to the tag and interesting. Keep it short, something like 120 characters (140 characters the max) The Twitter world loves short tweets that use creativity and uniqueness. This is the best way to get followers, which is what you really want. It looks good on your account when you have more followers than those you are following. Pam Perry, a social media and PR expert has 15,281 followers and she is only following 6,468. We gave her a few compliments and were finally able to grab her attention so she retweeted our post and posted a thank you message that contained her handle @PamPerry. Gives you a sense of power, a reputation of authority in your field.

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There are celebrities and then there are Twitter celebrities that have anywhere from a couple of hundred thousand to a few million followers. Being on television on a regular basis or have a national radio show it’s very easy to allocate a few million followers. Grabbing these people’s attention tasks a little wit and luck. Just incase you weren’t aware, most celebrity Twitter accounts are managed by hired help or a Public Relations company.

Down to Twitter Business

As a business owner, you want to build a platform of authority and popularity for a specific niche. As a marketer, author, mentor, or speaker your main goal every day is to spend fifteen to twenty minutes networking. Ask questions, make comments, or simply greet yourself. If the person of interest has a movie, book, song, or project feel free to mention it to them because in reality you’re mentioning it to everyone who is following them and you- which in return gets you free promotion!

Rand Fishkin Twitter Pict.

Earlier this year, we reached out to Rand Fishkin of SEOMoZ (62,405 followers and following only 58) regarding a video he presented on White Board Friday, which is an awesome video blog that is posted on their website on Friday mornings. (Highly recommended- tap into their achieve of videos).

*Side note: Twitter now allows business owners to promote their businesses with adds.

We posted on our Twitter Account:
@RandFish Hi Rand, we enjoyed what you explained local optimization, #WhiteboardFriday. Keep up the awesome work! @wilreylods

You’ll notice that we use his Twitter Handle (@RandFish) and we used the hash tag (#WhiteboardFriday). When you use the Twitter handle, the person will get a message that you mentioned them and that’s exactly what you want. It’s Twitter’s way of allowing someone to pat you on the back and hopefully, they will pat you on the back as well! If you are able to make the comment interesting enough, you will be able to get a celebrity (or the account manager) to reply or even retweet your post then you are on your way to being a Social Media Superstar! Like when Pam Perry retweeted our post. One mention from one of these big fishes could send thousands of people to follow you in a day. That’s the power of Twitter. The more followers you have, the more authority it seems you hold in your niche.

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Article Written by Bryan Loconto of Boasting BiZ