Introduction to Pinterest

Pinterest Business Networking

First Facebook, then Twitter, and now a whole new social network has created a splash. This social network has gone from one million active users to an astonishing five million in 6 months. I present to you, Pinterest. This social network is fairly easy to use and once you finish reading this post you will have a pretty good idea of what it is, and why it created the splash it did.

Pinterest users share images/videos that they have taken or found online with their followers.  Pinterest uses boards and pins to consolidate their data, the images/videos a user selects to upload becomes a pin on a board in their accounts profile.  A user may customize their boards and organize each board for a different category that they find most suitable.  The more organized the user is the easier it is for other users to find what they are looking for, for instance if a user wants shoes they can search for shoes within a category search. An invite from a Pinterest user is the quickest way to join, otherwise it could take days if you had to request it from the site itself.

Businesses can also earn traffic to their sites with the proper usage of pictures and descriptions. As long as every image is in the appropriate category it can be found when searched by a user. Pinterest is not to be used for commercial reasons only, Pinterest recommends only having a 10% promotional vs. non-promotional post for every account, this helps protect their feed from spam. A helpful tip for you marketers, 80% of Pinterest users are female!

The Pin it Button

The pin it button is very similar to a Facebook button or a twitter button where a user can simply click and share, Pinterest is working on making this button accessible for mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. There are multiple ways to uploading images/videos in Pinterest, simply choose the most convenient way for you. I’m sure you heard a twitter user say i’ll tweet it, well you will soon hear a Pinterest user say i’ll Pin It, if you have not heard it already.

Pinterest Vs. Social Networks

Pinterest is growing rapidly and the average user spends about an hour a day sharing images/videos. Social networks beware there is a new competitor on the block and its here to stay, Pinterest projects to hit over one hundred million users by the end of the year.

Facebook and Twitter have an abundance of spam fake accounts and other promotions which clutter browsing, however Pinterest has a great system that avoids the clutter and forces a user, whether its personal or business from just posting promotional images/videos. They keep it moderated and they are here to stay.

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