Boost your Internet Marketing via Twitter

Twitter has been growing in popularity for quite some time now. There are approximately 450,00 users on Twitter each and every day. All the tweets & re-tweets you receive can sometimes get to be a bit annoying. Below, we have listed our top 10 “well-known” tools that help to cut down the clatter & get the most out of the tweeted information that you will see.

1. Buffer Tool:
This will allow you to Tweet from any browser, at any time. This makes any content a great source of information and you can instantly chat with your followers… assuming you have followers that is =)

2. Tweriod:
Tweriod gives you simple graphs to read so that you’ll know when your followers (and potential followers) will see your tweets. The best times of the day & week will be handed down to you.

3. TweetWally:
This tool turns your Tweets into a blog posts, which is a great asset if you need motivation to write a blog. TweetWally places all the tweets together that you’ve read and places them into categories. You’ll also be able to edit your Tweets at any given time.

This bad boy delivers you the most updated popular posts that are being Tweeted, your follower’s popular posts will be shared with you and the top news on Twitter will be sent to your inbox every morning.

5. Chitty Chatt:
This one gives you privacy to chat with your Twitter friends on a regular basis without the world knowing. Just send a Tweet to your friend/follower and off you go… chatting away.

6. BackTweets:
It’s a simple tool that allows you to see who is tweeting your Tweets. You can return the favor for everyone who is following you.

7. TwitSprout:
This tool is the Tweeter’s version of Goolge Analytics. You’ll see all the valuable information that the eMarketing executives see. It’s a great tool so that you’ll know where your followers came from: websites, social media sites, or one of your tweets.

8. Proxlet:
This is another tool that helps you mute the Twitter noise. You can also pause the tweets temporally, and turn them back on again if you like. The best part is that you can mute spam, Apps and hastags.

9. Tweepi:
This is a great tool for those who have unwanted people Tweeting them. Or for Tweeters who went AWOL and are just taking up space. This tool will look through your Tweets to see who isn’t following you anymore.
From there, Tweepi will just delete them.

10. Twilert:
Finally, one of our favorites, which allows you to be alerted whenever a certain keyword is being used in their Tweets. All you have to do is set up some key terms & phrases and you’ll get emails whenever these Tweets mentioning the words your looking for. This has to be the most important tool for any performing SEO or for Search Engine Optimization Experts, like us!

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Written By: Bryan Loconto