What is Online Reputation Management?

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is not an easy task, as we all know the web is not monitored and there are many people out there with many opinions. People can sabotage your hard work, make you look like something your not, and most importantly hurt your business. There are steps you can take to protect yourself with the proper usage of ORM.
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What happened to SOPA?

SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. This was an attempt from Congress to control the Internet. Here is what happened with SOPA, reliable Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and many others bombarded them. What these companies did was send in letters to Congress explaining the chaos that this would cause to the nation. Furthermore they explained how people would lose their jobs and businesses would lose a good amount of hard work and … [ Read More ]

3 Steps On How To Attract Local Web Traffic To Your Business

Your business should be thriving from local web traffic.  It’s great that you were finally able to get your website created.  Wondering why business hasn’t increased since your launch date?  Pretty sure you place your website address on your business card and flyers.  Did you promote your website online? Search engines have added local search capabilities to cater to the growing demand of local small businesses.  For instance, conduct a search in Google and search the word shoes along with … [ Read More ]

Online Boycott – Dump Godaddy Day!

Godaddy has recently gone from the Mecca for domains and hosting to the dark side of the Internet.  “Dump Godaddy Day” was initially thought to be just some hot air from lobbyist, but it turns out to be a legitimate argument for First Amendment rights, which is Free Speech.  Godaddy has lost over 72,000 domains since announcing that they are in support of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).
Opponents of the bill believe that it will give the United States government … [ Read More ]

Top 6 Tips For Creating Outbound Links

The controversy over whether or not one should link to another website has been understood.  We felt that it was important to set the record straight.  You should only link out to another website if there is useful information pertinent to your website.  There isn’t any SEO Law written in stone on how many inbound & outbound links a website should have.

Most of the top SEO Service companies agree that there should be a balance of inbound links and outbound … [ Read More ]

3 Tips To Keep WordPress Hackers Out Of Your Website

WordPress is the best thing to happen to bloggers around the world.  It’s easy to create a beautiful blog or even an eye-catching website and it’s free.  Unfortunately there is a but…Wordpress’ simple layout comes with a price.  Depending on how significant your website is to your business it could be a huge price.  Hackers have made many blog sites a living nightmare!

3 Hacker Proof Tips

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Upgrade Your Browsing Experience

It’s amazing how IE6 lasted 10 years as a browser with an architecture that was created when the Internet was an innocent place.  For many years, IE6 caused headaches for web developers and forced many users to switch to another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome.  Since IE6 was the default browser on many Windows machines, it was also the dominant browser reaching almost 90 percent of the market share in 2002 and 2003.  Since it’s birth, IE6 has … [ Read More ]

iOS vulnerability allows hackers into mobile devices

Hackers are priming the pumps to get into Apple’s mobile operating system.  Imagine a complete stranger having access to your entire phone and all the information within it.  All the pictures that you send to your significant other, important addresses of your celebrity friends, bank accounts, investments and phone numbers of your family members.  iPhone hackers aren’t only able have access to your information they can call, text and email on your behalf.
Politicians could possibly get ruined in the middle … [ Read More ]

NFL.com – What makes this website SEO Friendly

We are knee deep in 2011 football season with about 6 games left of the regular season. NFL.com is consistently getting thousands of visitors a day. Their website is so “SEO Friendly” that they don’t even need to be listed on Google, Yahoo or Bing to get traffic. The majority of website owners seek to be on the first page of the major search engines due to the fact that it brings a substantial amount of traffic to their website … [ Read More ]

7 Ways to Avoid Being Banned from Search Engines

The average Joe & Mary won’t have a clue what “Search Engine Spamming” is, but we are going to change that right now. How can someone spam the search engines (S.E.)? Easy! One way is to create pages specifically to trick the search engines into offering inaccurate, redundant and poor-quality search rankings. The S.E.’s will penalize your site by blacklisting it or drastically decreasing your placement. Both of these punishments should be avoided by any means necessary. How do you … [ Read More ]