SEO Fort Lauderdale

Whether you’re in need of Local SEO services, Social Media Marketing or Web Design, Boasting BiZ offers the expertise you need to develop a successful online presence in the Fort Lauderdale area. Our results driven Local SEO Fort Lauderdale and Internet marketing services turn visitors into prospects, prospects become customers, and customers turn into references.

We help educate our clients on the inner workings of Google Search, Analytics Data & Conversion Optimization. Without this critical data, website owners are not able to see how the User Experience can be improved.

Each month, we review the following data to improve our clients results:

  • Number of Monthly Visits
  • Number of Page Views per Visit
  • Overall Website Bounce Rate
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Average Number of Pages Visited per Visit
  • Engagement Statistics/Conversions

This data is also used to test our content strategies and improve upon as needed.

SEO Fort Lauderdale

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Trusted Local SEO Company in Fort Lauderdale

Contact the trusted Local SEO company in Fort Lauderdale! At Boasting BiZ, keyword research comes first. In order for us to be found locally in our location, we targeted: SEO Fort Lauderdale. This phrase gets the most searches and has the relevant traffic we desire. Since we released this information, we’ve noticed other local competitors have followed suit and began targeting these terms as well! Just another indicator that we don’t follow trends, we create them! If you are looking to outrank your competition, give us a call. We would love to discuss your project, goals and expectations.

Our philosophy is that if you give the people what they want, Google will give you to the people.

Local SEO services require earning relevant links and citations within Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas throughout Broward County, Florida. Search Engines such as Google determine and rate the “trust” of backlinks by relevancy as well as by the IP address (IP’s show Google the location of each link) of each and every link that comes into your site. Google only ranks local sites that are relevant and being mentioned (earning backlinks) locally across the internet.

Our Local SEO services will increase your online visibility as well as build brand awareness & credibility. The content/text of your website and blog are a few of the most important factors in retaining site visitors and ranking for specific keyword terms. Allow Boasting BiZ to make it easier for locals to find you and engage with your business!

Boasting BiZ is a Local SEO company based in sunny Fort Lauderdale, located at 3038 North Federal Highway F-2 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306. Come by for a visit! We have fresh coffee brewed and ready all day long. Our local Fort Lauderdale based clients benefit from our SEO & Social Media Marketing services, you can too.

The first step to ANY successful Internet Marketing project is proper keyword and competitor research. In most cases when a prospective client receives an estimate for Search Engine Optimization, they are not aware of keyword value or what their competition is doing. In some cases, SEO might not be a viable option.

If there isn’t anyone searching for a specific keyword, there most likely isn’t any competition to rank for it. Many SEO companies will make a deal with you to rank for something that has no search volume. Be careful of these companies. They ARE out there. At the end of the day, you will lose time and money if you don’t ask the right questions up front! With Boasting BiZ, we will help you understand WHY we target the terms we do for your project. Call today and speak with an experienced Internet Marketing professional. 954-604-0230

Driving traffic via Local SEO, Google Maps & Yelp

Getting listed in Google maps and other directories may be the best solution for some businesses. If you’re a local business and have a physical location where you provide a service; Google Maps, Google Places, Yelp and other directories are a must! Anyone who searches the term “SEO Fort Lauderdale” will find our website. When your customers search for what you offer, can they find you? Call us today or submit for a free quote and get moving towards the top of Google today!

How Long Does It Take To Achieve Top Rankings in Google?

Depending on the competitiveness of each particular keyword, the time it may take to rank for “Keyword A” will vary from the time it will take to rank for “Keyword B”. The primary focus of our services is to ensure that your website is relevant for the target keywords and/or phrases, abides by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and delivers an EASY user experience to the visitors of the site. We have ranked hundreds of websites for our clients at the top of major search engines through the years and can review your project with you to provide accurate timeframes and realistic expectations.

What Does Local SEO Cost?

Being that every project is different in that the competition may be more aggressive, keyword competitiveness, etc., the cost of each individual project will also vary. The best part about how we operate is, we are able to tailor fit your project to stay within your budget while still delivering results. Obviously, your project will need to grow organically so we will have room in the beginning to customize the amount of work we put forth and base it around your budget. Our goal is to provide the highest return for your desired budget. If you would like to receive a custom quote for your project, be sure to contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you!

Why Choose Boasting BiZ?

Top Results. Competitive Pricing. World-Class Customer Support. When you move forward as a client of our company you are joining our winning team of Local SEO & Internet Marketing Professionals. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level online branding and website promotion services. Work with the proven leaders in the industry! Our results and customer reviews speak for themselves. If you are looking to dominate your online industry, contact us and we will customize a game plan to get you on the first page of Google!

Regardless of where your business is located or the industry you are in, our team will create a plan to help you boost your online visibility and brand awareness. At Boasting BiZ, we live to provide the highest level of results to our customers as well as unmatched customer support. Give us a call or drop us a line on our website to discuss your project. You’ll be happy you did!