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If you operate an online business out of Miami, Florida and are looking for a Local SEO Company to work with, you’ve come to the right place. At Boasting BiZ, we don’t brag about how great we are, our clients do that for us! We have a client portfolio that dates back as far as 2008

We educate and guide our clients through the process, showing them how to use Google analytics date to help drive results! Using Google analytics, our clients are able to monitor their site visitors and measure how it performs from the day we begin working. Cutting right through the nonsense and helping deliver more online traffic and higher conversions.

Our clients get to see:

  • Where a visitor came from and on what page they landed
  • What keyword they searched.
  • How long they stayed on the site.
  • How many pages they have visited.
  • If they found what they searched. 

This information is also used to test content strategies and improve as needed.

SEO Miami

“Give the people what they want and Google will give you to the people!”

How can your Business Benefit From SEO in Miami?

SEO Miami services are evaluated by who is searching for what and from where. Giving targeted users a good experience is what the search engines look for. Our job is to understand your business and work with you to provide the best possible experience for the users, converting them into prospects.

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The days of traditional online marketing are over. In today’s day and age, an entirely different approach must be implemented; consumers use their mobile devices, tablets and computers to search for products, brands or services. Since the majority of people are searching online, it’s crucial for a small business to be visible throughout search engines, social media outlets, online directories and the list goes on and on.

The process of Local SEO in Miami takes competitive research, content strategy, on-page optimization, social engagement and link earning. This process takes time but if it is done the right way, you can begin seeing results fairly quick. Throughout the process, your website will constantly be updated with new and relevant content that will engage and entice your readers to like and share throughout the web. Help drive your rankings higher in Google and other online search engines. With our companies dedication to customer success and the ability to track and measure progress via Google Analytics, you will constantly see the direction we are driving your project in.

Our Miami based SEO team will customize a strategic Internet Marketing plan based on your industry and around the level of competitiveness in your area. In some instances Social Media Marketing can play an even bigger role than Local SEO Services, however, we can only determine this through trial and error. We use Google Analytics and A/B testing to track and improve all local pages of your site.

Miami SEO Services that drive your business to the top!

An important aspect of any modern-day Internet marketing plan is to establish your business in local online maps. This is a simple, yet critical step that is overlooked by many businesses and website owners. In order to be successful on the Internet locally, your business listing must be on the map for your industry related keywords. Our team of experts will assist you in effectively targeting clients whenever searched in Miami, Florida.

Our proof is in the pudding, you found us because we targeted your search query. Your clients are looking for you on Google and many other places, our job is to help them find you. Please fill out the form  above and find out if we will be a good fit for your business.