SEO Services

If you are looking to rank on top of Google, you need effective SEO services! When interviewing a company to work with, be sure to ask for proof of their results as well as a few client references. We don’t talk about how great we are, our clients do. Most of our satisfied clients are open for you to get in touch with them and show you how they have benefited.

We teach our clients how to use Google Analytics so they are able to keep track of important website data and track conversions from their new website visitors. With Google Analytics our clients can determine:

  • The duration of time a user spends on their site
  • How many pages the user visited
  • Where the user came from (Social Media, Referring site, Search Engine, Manually typing in the address)
  • What the user searched for in a search engine

Using Google Analytics, we are able to compare the data a client had prior to enrolling with us, to their current data. Our clients can also access this data at any time. With our clear cut, high quality services and business practices, our clients get results!

“We enjoy and stand behind the work we do for our clients.” Says Bryan Loconto, Co-Founder of Boasting BiZ

The SEO Industry

The SEO industry is very competitive and there are many ways to get rankings in a search engine. SEO services can be done in many ways… we choose to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines


Some of our competitors do not follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can still show rankings. However, these rankings are short term, eventually they will get hit with a Google update such as Google’s Penguin update, Google’s Panda update, and Goggles Hummingbird update. These Google events knock sites out of the search engine results pages that cheat and will not allow them to rank for the long term. 

Boasting BiZ Offers Top Quality SEO Services!

We offer customized Internet Marketing Solutions to meet and exceed our client’s specific needs. We assist businesses of all sizes in branding their company, increasing their online visibility and expanding their overall growth. Our team of SEO experts works with clients to get ahead of their competition. We don’t work without you- we work with you!

When you become a client of Boasting BiZ, we teach you how to give your brand a respectable presence on the web. In this day and age it’s important to give the people what they want. When you give the Internet users what they want the search engine gives you to the user!

Work with us to optimize your website, we know strategy and you know your business. If you are as serious about your business as we are of ours, together, we will be able to create quality content and present it to the right audience.

Professional SEO Services Company

Great Question! At Boasting BiZ we eat, breath, sleep and love SEO. We know what search engines and users are looking for thanks to many years of experience. We like to think from a search engine perspective. Search engines want to provide users the best possible results. It’s very important that visitors find the content on your site to be educational as well as entertaining.

If users are not satisfied with the content they find, they will look for another result. This will send Google a red flag that your content does not meet the users needs and will likely push your rankings further back in the results page. Search engines can only determine if a user likes a site from the users interaction with the site. If you think of the needs of the user when you create content, they are more likely to interact with it and share it.

Proper Search Engine placement takes time, three to six month for most keywords and there is no way around it. From the start of a newly optimized site, it takes time for a search engine to trust your site. In many cases a site has had previous work to it and might take much longer to get issues resolved, common issues we find are:

  • Duplicate content
  • Unnatural Links
  • Poor Links
  • Poor Site Design
  • Search Engine Crawling Issues
  • Poor Meta Information (Titles/Descriptions)
  • Low Content Pages
  • Broken Links

Ranking is influenced by many factors including: age of the URL (or domain), the quality of the content, user interaction with the site and time spend on your site by users. If a user goes from your site back to the search engine for another result this means your site is not providing the users what they want.