Link Building Services

Why Is Link Building Important?

Link building has been the most common way for websites to gain ranking, and gain better search engine placement. What is a link and how can it help a businesses website rank? A link is a mention from one website to another website, when a website receives multiple links from authoritative websites the website gains authority in the eyes of the search engines. Search engines have become more intelligent over the years and look for relevancy between sites. For Example, a search engine understands that the terms “Metal” and “Steel” are relevant to each other. At Boasting BiZ we help you create great content on your site that gets linked to naturally.

What does relevancy have to do with link building?

Over the years many link building companies have done whatever they can to manipulate the search engines, they used link building tools, and link building software to gain as many links as possible. These link building strategies ended up polluting the web, and the results in the search engines were manipulated. Links were being exchanged and placed in irrelevant places. One would find links to a “real estate” website pointing at a “cheap shoes” website. What do these sites have in common, nothing! In other words search engines want to give users the best possible experience and they wanted to ensure that sites linking from one to another made complete sense. Recent changes in search engines have shown that if the sites that are linking to each other are not relevant, they can hurt each other rather than help each other.

We Build You Business Trust and Links With Authority

At Boasting BiZ we only build links in relevant places. We ensure that these links are relevant and authoritative by checking every sites backlinks and qualitative features. If a website is lacking these qualitative features or if the website looks like it has been using manipulative tactics, we do not associate your business with them. The link building expert team at Boasting BiZ will find relevant and authoritative directories, news sites, and guest blogging opportunities for your website.