Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Whenever someone searches for your company on the Internet, you want them to find good information about your company. However, you don’t want them to find your competitors or negative testimonials. Keeping a clean reputation on the web is very important when someone looks up your company. When a user types your company name in a search engine and they see your competitor on the page, they may fill out the wrong form. Another case is that the user sees negative testimonials about your company that may scare them away.

How Can One Tell If They Need Internet Reputation Management?

Simply type your company name into Google, Bing and Yahoo and check to see if your site comes up first, also check to see if any of your competition shows up. Lastly make sure you don’t have any negative results come up, negative results can hurt your site and more importantly your profitability. In our day and age people use search engines to find out everything about a company before they purchase or give their business.

What Can Boasting BiZ Do To Help?

Boasting BiZ will help formulate an online marketing strategy to help push competitors and negative testimonials off of the front page and eventually off of the second third and fourth page. What we do is build new pages that will get your business rankings for. These pages will mention good things about your company and include a your companies contact information.

Online reputation management cases are for corporate reputation management and personal reputation management. At Boasting BiZ we know how important it is to keep your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) clean and we take this task very seriously. Boasting Biz holds confidentiality in the highest regards for all of our clients.