Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Services For Small Businesses

Video marketing is growing rapidly with it’s SEO benefits, and we are on top of this growing Internet trend. Video optimization should be part of everyone’s search engine optimization campaign, include social media marketing since it’s a great way to give exposure to your brand to users who normally wouldn’t have know about your products, services, and brand. Having a combination of videos, blogs, and images helps your rankings due to the fact that diversifying your link portfolio makes the search engine happy. We custom make business videos for YouTube and for your website.

Since the search robots, “Google Bots,” can’t look into the video to analyze what the content is, they rely on other factors. Google’s guidelines and indexing algorithms are constantly changing effecting many websites in a negative way pushing websites down the SERPs (search engine results pages)- a nightmare for . Such as, the eye catching title, meta data within the video file itself, video description and inbound links to determine what the video is all about. Video Marketing Optimization is a critical factor for viral marketing. As you search on Google you’ll notice the increase of videos in the search engine ranking. And you can expect to see more, so why not have your video on the front page of Google.

We will placed your company logo in the video, install the music, and include animation to make the video alive and intriguing. The more clever the video the more traffic to your website, equaling to more business. Our videos will compliment your website and not dominate it.

Viral Marketing Makes

Boasting BiZ viral marketing team are experienced in achieving an incredible amount of publicity for small businesses and organizations. Every company wants a successful viral marketing campaign, unfortunately, most companies lack the expertise to spread the word through the internet. It takes search engine optimization along with video marketing service experience, both of which we have an abundance of to offer you.

Your company video, blog, or even Social Media post has the potential of being seen or read by millions of people. The purpose of a viral marketing campaign is to have as many people as possible share your link, product or services with their circle of influence on the Internet; word of mouth marketing is still a powerful component in promotions. The best way to get the marketing buzz is to create a video so compelling that people are retweeting your posts, hundreds of Facebook likes, and many Google+’s.

Social media marketing & viral marketing (Word of Mouth Marketing) has become a huge driving force these days for the Internet world. When you think about for example, the 2nd largest search engine, people are searching 24/7 on that search engine for various products, services, business, comedy relief and or just pleasure. Everyone with a website needs to tap into this ever growing market, especially since it’s owned by Google. Huge incentive to create an awesome video pointing to your website from Google.

Now, in order to rank well on YouTube, it’s important to describe your video with the right keywords & key phrases, and to have an “Eye Catching” title. But more than that, as long as people are giving your video the “thumbs up,” sharing your video, and commenting you will be in good standings. Boasting BiZ will work towards making sure that your video has a solid foundation for success. Social media has grown beyond video platforms like YouTube and has over flowed to places like Facebook, Stumble Upon, and Vimeo…which seems to be getting a lot of traffic these days.

Allow Boasting BiZ to create your viral marketing campaign, today!

Video Production Services

Boasting BiZ is also a Florida video production company that concentrates on the development of not only websites and Internet marketing. We are a force in the development of creative videos in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Palm Beach areas. We provide high quality, attention-grabbing results that are designed to meet and achieve the specific goals and target markets of each individual client. Once the videos are produced when send them to our in house viral marketing team to spread the word via Internet.

Our video production services are a great way to get a business’ marketing message and brand effectively in to the target audience without spending an immense amount of time or money. The fact that we’ve excelled in the internet marketing industry’s gives your video a boast once we market your video. With cutting edge technology of High-Definition cameras that integrate seamlessly into sophisticated computer video editing systems, the turnaround time of a finished product has been reduced to a few days instead of months. Getting your message out first means getting the market share first. Working with a firm such as Boasting BiZ that can deliver your media to your market is critical in today’s competitive business world.

We are experienced in production video content for many purposes and across a wide spectrum of industries. Television commercials, corporate videos, industrial videos, music videos, plus film and movie production all fall into the realm of what we do. Boasting BiZ offers a full suite of online marketing services to complement your traditional media campaigns. Our team of professional content writers and web designers will produce SEO-optimized, keyword-rich content to increase visibility on the Internet and drive visitors to your website and/or your establishment.