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Search engine optimization is separated by two aspects On-Page optimization and Off-Page optimization. It’s important to research keyword phrases and figure out who to target before investing money.

It’s important to calculate if there will be an:

  • Increase in Earning
  • Increase in Conversions
  • Increase in New Customers

……………Before starting up!


In many cases SEO is not the best solution to target a converting crowd, some industries will have better conversion via social media. We are able to evaluate and determine a game plan based on the industry you are in with keyword research. 

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Requesting an SEO quote can be a challenge when there are so many companies to choose from. Unfortunately from what we’ve seen 90% of them don’t achieve successful long lasting results. At Boasting BiZ we analyze your website and give you an estimate based on the complexity of your project. In many cases we will audit a site before estimating a proper SEO quote. Pricing on SEO audits vary on the websites size and complexity. 

Proper SEO services will ensure long-term results. The content that we create is unique, educational, and helpful to your demographic. When your site has rich content on it users link to it, bookmark it, and share it. When the content is boring and non-educational no one wants anything to do with it. A big part of creating a buzz around your content will take a strategic social media outreach plan.