The Importance of Readability in SEO

Many people believe that the smarter and more complex they write, the more acknowledgment they will get. However, this is a misconception. The first, and probably most important thing about writing is to retain a reader’s interest. The second is to ensure that your target audience gets the message.
What is Readability?
Readability is about making your writing understandable and easy for targeted readers.  It may not seem significant, but when you’re talking about Online Content, marketing to your audience is important. … [ Read More ]

Online Marketing Growth For Small Businesses

Back in 2001 the economy was booming for the majority of businesses, a decade has past since this era and now it is extremely challenging to make money. We have gone from a time where making money was easy to a time where just finding a job has been difficult. Today’s economy is definitely not what it use to be and small businesses are looking for ways to save money and increase profit. More and more small businesses are starting … [ Read More ]

NO More Adobe Flash… Straight from the Horses Mouth

No more Flash…say it isn’t so! Actually, ladies and gentlemen, we are sad to say this is true, well, maybe not that sad. Adobe has decided to part ways with their Flash software for mobile devices. After years of fancy graphics flying across our mobile screen, soon there will be no more. Some believed that the late Steve Jobs prediction of the end of Flash is the cause of Adobe’s headquarters major … [ Read More ]