What Makes Content Go Viral?

social media
Great content is KING! So many people are focused on the Return on their social media campaign, that they often forget what social media is really about. Relationships and True Connections. Relationships through social media sites are often built through the types of content that is posted.
Companies love to talk about themselves, what the company is doing, what new sale they have going on, who they’ve hired, blah, blah, blah. But therein lies no power. … [ Read More ]

Google+ Just Created A New Interface. Watch Out Facebook!

Google has revolutionized their home page. This new layout makes sharing even easier. Google + has really been working on getting the ball rolling. I believe this new comfortable layout is going to give the Facebook Timeline a new challenge. Many people have been underestimating Google+. Pretty soon those people are going to be found using Google+.
Google + New Layout
Here it is very easy to navigate and share … [ Read More ]